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Quote1.png There she is! Man... standing next to those million dollar paintings, she still looks like the only masterpiece in the place! Quote2.png
Peter Parker

Appearing in "On the Trail of the Chameleon!"

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Synopsis for "On the Trail of the Chameleon!"

At his apartment mulling over how to deal with what he believes is a relationship going on between Flash Thompson and Gwen Stacy, Harry comes home with Flash. Peter loses his temper and almost pummels his former rival when Flash explains the truth of what happened: That Gwen came to him for advice over her troubled relationship with Peter. Realizing what a fool he's made of himself, Peter calls Gwen to apologize and the two make up and agree to go to the Midtown Museum exhibit where her father is in charge of guarding priceless paintings. Peter rushes there as Spider-Man so he can meet Gwen on time.

When Peter and Gwen steal a kiss, Peter's spider-sense goes off but it appears to only be George Stacy, although Peter finds it strange that George walked by as if he didn't recognize it. When the painting that was on display turns out to be stolen, Peter and Gwen realize that George is nowhere to be found. They rush back to the Stacy home where they find a dazed and confused George Stacy with no recollection of making it out to the museum.

In reality, the "George Stacy" at the museum is really the Chameleon, who had disguised himself as Stacy to steal the painting, and now gloats over his victory in his secret hide out. That night Peter mulls over who could have possibly framed George Stacy and comes to the conclusion that it could only have been his old foe, the Chameleon.

Web-slinging to the Daily Bugle, Spider-Man asks Joe Robertson's help to make a special transfer of a million dollars worth of bonds the front page of the next edition in the hopes that it will flush out the Chameleon. There, Peter is assigned as a photographer under the watch of J. Jonah Jameson. However, Peter slips off to change into Spider-Man and begins looking for the Chameleon. He interrupts the meeting and is disappointed when all the men transferring the money are not the Chameleon. However, Spidey finally spots the Chameleon because he made the mistake of disguising himself as the one person Spider-Man would know has to be a fake: Peter Parker.

Spider-Man chases after "Parker" who tries to get away, however, Spider-Man captures the Chameleon, and unmasks him, clearing George Stacy's name. After mocking Jameson at the scene, Spider-Man flees the scene without explaining how he knew that the Chameleon was disguised as Parker.

Solicit Synopsis

Remember the Chameleon? Well, how can Spidey fight a man who could be anyone? You'll never guess the ending!


Chronology Notes

  • Peter Parker recalls his first encounter with the Chameleon, that happened in Amazing Spider-Man #1 (this issue incorrectly attributes it to Amazing Spider-Man #2)
  • Captain George Stacy is incorrectly named as John Stacy in this issue.

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