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Quote1.png Yup. He saves a world every single day. Every person out there means the world to somebody. And Spidey's out there risking his neck for all of 'em. Their best friends. Their husbands. Their moms. Their girlfriends. Their uncles. Quote2.png
Kenneth Kincaid, Jr.

Appearing in "There For You"

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  • Unnamed grocery store burglar (First and only known appearance)
  • Inner Demons

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Synopsis for "There For You"

Three weeks after Uncle Ben’s death, an office worker named Kenneth Kincaid, Jr. is working hard on a project when a coworker calls him to say that something is going on and he needs to come there immediately. Kincaid rushes out of the building to go across town, when he realizes he is out of cigarettes and heads into a nearby bodega to get some.

As he heads in, he discovers that a robber is holding up the bodega, and demands Kincaid hide behind the counter with the owner. Kincaid tries to explain he needs to leave, but the robber keeps pointing the gun at him. They are then interrupted by the timely arrival of Spider-Man, who smashes through the window and knocks Kincaid to the ground. Seeing Spider-Man but not knowing who he is, the robber threatens that he will shoot the bodega owner, only for Spider-Man to take him to safety as well with his webs. Spider-Man then tricks the robber into firing all of his bullets at him, which he dodges before breaking his gun.

Spider-Man eventually webs the robber up, at which point the bodega owner recognizes him as the celebrity from the news. As the owner asks if Spider-Man will eat the robber, the police arrive, prompting him to flee after leaving his trademark note. The police recognize Spider-Man, and begin apprehending the robber, but also force Kincaid to stay to give a witness testimony.

Hours later, Kincaid arrives at the hospital, where it is revealed the thing he needed to do was say goodbye to his dying father. He manages to make it in time, and says his goodbye before he passes. Later, he confides in his wife Ellie that he nearly missed his dad’s death for some cigarettes, but she tells him it’s okay because he made it regardless, and that as long as he’s there, everything is okay.

Over a decade passes. Kincaid’s son graduates high school, while Kincaid himself gets a niece, Judy, via his sister.

Eventually, in modern day Chinatown, Spider-Man is fighting the Inner Demons, who are trying to steal a suitcase of money. One of them manages to run away, but a man (at Spider-Man’s request) trips him, allowing Spider-Man to catch him. The man is revealed to be an older Kincaid, and he hands Spider-Man the money. Kincaid mentions to him that Spider-Man once saved his life, though he does not remember. When he asks what he did, Kincaid says that Spider-Man “got [him] to quit smoking”, though this leaves him even more confused.

As Spider-Man leaves, Judy is revealed to be with Kincaid. Judy calls the interaction lame, saying that Spider-Man pales in comparison to more powerful heroes who save the world routinely. Kincaid contests this by saying that Spider-Man also saves the world every day, because every person he rescues means the world to somebody. He concludes by saying that Spider-Man also saves a person’s uncle routinely, referring to himself but also unknowingly tying in to Peter’s Uncle Ben. Judy then admits that Spider-Man is cool, and the two walk off together, as both Kincaid and Spider-Man say to Judy and the world respectively, “I’ll always be here for you”.

Solicit Synopsis

After ten years, Dan Slott’s final issue of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN is here, and he isn’t pulling any punches. Joined by one of the best illustrators in the biz, Marcos Martín, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #801 is one of the most emotional, heartfelt tales not only in Dan’s run, but in all of Mighty Marveldom itself, and is one Marvel fans around the world won’t want to miss.

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