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Synopsis for "The Coming of the Kangaroo!"

Running late to meet his Aunt May who is on her way back from a trip to Florida, Peter resorts to web-slinging across the city as Spider-Man. Arriving at the train station, May confuses Peter's perspiration as illness and demands that she looks after him. The two are unaware that a man named the Kangaroo is about to be deported back to Australia. Peter soon does know, when the men moving the Kangaroo out of the country are suddenly attacked by the man, who exhibits abilities the same as his name sake, and manages to escape.

As Peter is stuck at Aunt May's, with Aunt May doting over him, Peter finds himself "confined" to a bed. When news of the Kangaroo stealing an experimental bacteria hit the air-waves, Peter decides he must act. He makes a dummy out of webbing in the hopes that it will fool Aunt May while he's off fighting the Kangaroo as Spider-Man. However, when May comes to give Peter some cold medication, the sight of the web-dummy frightens her into a fainting spell.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man battles the Kangaroo across the city and manages to recover the vial of the bacterium before it can get broken open by accident. Although the Kangaroo escapes, Spider-Man returns the stolen viral agent back to the authorities. He then realizes how late it is and rushes back to Aunt May's house before she discovers his hoax. He arrives to find her passed out on the bed. Spider-Man quickly changes back to his civilian guise and disposes of the web-dummy. When Aunt May revives, she dismisses the whole thing as her imagination and believes that she must be getting senile in her old age. Peter blames himself, and Spider-Man, for once more being the root cause of the problems in his personal life.

Solicit Synopsis

Aunt May stumbles onto Spidey's secret! Plus the killer called Kangaroo! It's one of Spidey's best!


Continuity Notes

  • J. Jonah Jameson laments a dropped cigar because he had it smuggled in from Cuba. This story was published when there was a trade embargo with Cuba, making items from the country (like cigars) illegal to own in the United States.

Chronology Notes

A flashback in this story affects the chronology of the following characters:

Publication Notes

  • Plot by Romita, script by Lee.

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