Quote1.png When... when will I learn to mind my own business? If I stopped a forest fire, they'd fine me for being in the woods without a license! Quote2.png
-- Spider-Man

Appearing in "The Kingpin Strikes Back!"

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  • Schemer's Modified Car

Synopsis for "The Kingpin Strikes Back!"

While out looking for the Schemer, Spider-Man takes note of a reward for his captured which is listed in the newspaper, and notes that it's not a reward being offered by the police. When Spider-Man tries to scare information out of one of the Schemer's men, it leads him nowhere because the Schemer has insured that his men don't know his secret location. Giving up for the night, he changes back to Peter Parker and decides to pay a visit to Gwen who is recovering at home following her release from the hospital.

At first, Gwen gives him a cold reception because of his leaving her at the hospital, however as they discuss just how Peter managed to not be harmed in the accident is too close for the Stacy's learning the truth about his secret identity that Peter makes an excuse for an abrupt departure.

Meanwhile, the Schemer had decided to come out of hiding after increased media coverage asking for his capture. He goes to one of the Kingpin's building and attacks the men there and tells them that his next target is their boss. When word gets back to the Kingpin, he vows to crush the Schemer, in spite of the fact that his wife Vanessa does not approve.

Later, Spider-Man is swinging through the city looking for traces of the Schemer, when he overhears some thugs talk about his specially modified vehicle. Finding, Spider-Man tries to chase him down by fails. The Schemer soon arrives at the Kingpin's mansion and confronts the crime boss. When Vanessa gets in the middle of their fight, she sees something in the Schemer that causes her to pause. Before she can tell the Kingpin just what she sees, Spider-Man bursts in. This causes a fight between the Kingpin and Spider-Man, which ends when the Kingpin realizes that the Schemer took his wife and escapes. Spider-Man collects his camera but feels no victory because the Schemer manages to get away once again.

This story is continued next issue...

Solicit Synopsis

Get ready for the surprise of the month when you finally learn the Schemer's secret. We've been planning it for weeks!

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