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Mary Jane Watson

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Synopsis for "Unmasked At Last!"

Coming to the conclusion that his spider-powers are fading for good, the ailing Peter Parker realizes that today is Gwen Stacy's birthday and he hasn't been able to get her a gift. In a moment of desperation, he uses his fading spider-powers to steal a pearl necklace from the jewelry store but stops himself at the last moment.

As Gwen's birthday party begins, Gwen becomes aware of Peter's absence and begins to get upset. The party is then suddenly shocked when Peter enters the party, Spider-Man mask in hand and tells everyone that because his powers are fading, he can finally reveal that he's Spider-Man. When George Stacy points out that Peter is feverish and sick, Peter realizes that he's putting Gwen through enough distress to cause hysteria and flees.

After Peter's gone, Harry chalks it all up as a hoax put on by Peter, relating to the time when Peter "pretended" to be Spider-Man in order to save Betty Brant from Dr. Octopus. Gwen however, isn't quite convinced.

Deciding he needs medical help right away, Peter changes into Spider-Man so that he's treated more seriously when he explains his situation. When Spidey is seen by a doctor, the doc tells the wall-crawler that he's just getting over a bout of the flu bug and nothing more. Realizing that his powers are returning to normal as his immune system fights off the flu, Peter realizes what a bonehead move he's made and decides to come up with a way to make certain that nobody believes that he's really Spider-Man.

Taking off his costume and disguising his face, Peter visits Hobie Brown and asks him to help fool everyone into once more believing that Peter Parker and Spider-Man are two different people. Peter then goes to visit Stacy's home and explains to Gwen, George, Mary Jane and Harry that he was in a fever state and didn't know what he's saying. When Gwen doesn't immediately believe Peter, Hobie (dressed in Spider-Man's costume) enters through the window and his performance in front of everyone convinces the others that Peter's story is true. His mission accomplished, Hobie leaves the scene and stashes Spider-Man's costume where he was told. Afterwards, Peter departs from the Stacy home, secure in the fact that his secret identity has been protected, but still has an uneasy feeling as though he's walking on eggshells.


Continuity Notes

  • Harry Osborn recalls the last time Peter Parker was unmasked while dressed as Spider-Man. That happened in Amazing Spider-Man #12.

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Events in this story occur behind the scenes that affect the chronology of the following characters:

Hobie Brown:

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