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Quote1.png I'm aware of your ability, Parker! You take to science like butter takes to bread! But not even you can keep your grades up when you're absent more than you're here! Quote2.png
Professor Warren

Appearing in "The Arms of Doctor Octopus!"

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  • 747 Jumbo Jet

Synopsis for "The Arms of Doctor Octopus!"

When the mechanical arms of Dr. Octopus are put on display at New York's Museum of Natural Science, Otto Octavius uses his mental link to them to command them to go to the prison where he is being held prisoner and bust him out. Happening by, Spider-Man tries to stop them but has to let them go when the damage they cause effects the structural integrity of a building, and Spider-Man has to focus his powers on preventing the building from collapsing until it can be evacuated. He then returns to his apartment and changed back to Peter Parker, so that he can catch up with his studying but ends up falling asleep.

The next day, Peter goes to class and is asked to see Professor Warren, Warren warns Peter that his grades are getting dangerously low and if they continue to drop he may lose his scholarship. Meanwhile, the arms of Dr. Octopus manage to reach the prison and break their master free. Putting on his arms once more, Octopus flees the prison to begin his criminal activities anew.

Octopus then takes control of an aircraft bound for New York which is carrying General Su, a military leader from a foreign country who is going to the UN Building in New York to sign important paperwork. Octopus takes the plane hostage and when it lands in New York. There, Octopus demands a ransom of 10 million dollars. Peter Parker (who is there covering the story for the Bugle) boards the plane was Spider-Man. Fighting Octopus, Spider-Man manages to free everyone on board the plane. During their fight, the Doctor manages to activate the plane's engines with one of his arms. When the plane moves down the runway out of control, Spider-Man flees the jet, and it soon crashes. Everyone believes that Octopus died in the crash, however, Spider-Man is not convinced that this is the end of his old foe.

Solicit Synopsis

The return of Dr. Octopus—plus the most dramatic flight any giant 747 ever took! This one is solid dynamite all the way!


Continuity Notes

  • John Jameson recounts how he has faced Doctor Octopus in the past. He is referring to the events of Amazing Spider-Man #56.

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