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Quote1 It..It's Gwen! After I'm..gone...there'll be no look after one, Peter...Except YOU! Quote2
George Stacy revealing that he knows Spider-Man is Peter Parker.

Appearing in "And Death Shall Come!"

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Synopsis for "And Death Shall Come!"

Battling Doctor Octopus on the roof of New York's major power station, Spider-Man is thrown to his death on the streets below. Quick thinking, Spider-Man grabs his foe's mechanical tentacles and uses them to swing through a nearby window. With the tentacles still chasing after him, Spider-Man evades them by hiding in a nearby ventilator shaft. As the arms retreat, Spider-Man tags one with a Spider-Tracer in the hopes of tracking his foe later. He tries to follow after Octavius, but the villain has retreated by the time Spider-Man gets back onto the roof. Slipping away, Spider-Man changes back into Peter Parker in a nearby alley. Feeling faint, Peter stumbles out onto the street where he is confronted by Captain George Stacy, who has been looking for him. Noting that Peter looks ill, George asks his daughter's boyfriend what is wrong, but Peter passes out before he can explain himself.

Later, he wakes up in the Stacy home with Gwen watching over him. When he wakes up, both Gwen and George are happy to see that he is recovering nicely. George remarks how amazing Peter's recouperative powers are, leaving Peter to worry that George might know that he is secretly Spider-Man. Left alone to rest, Peter mulls over this possibility, but notes that if Stacy has figured out his secret, he has done nothing to expose it. After some more rest, Peter decides to track down Doctor Octopus. Using his exhaustion as an excuse not to participate in the upcoming protest, Peter heads back home. Back at his apartment, Peter begins working on a new web fluid formula that will hopefully give him the edge against Doctor Octopus. After rigging up the new batch to his cartridge belt, Peter checks on his sleeping roommate, Harry Osborn, before taking to the roofs and changing into Spider-Man once more.

Spider-Man then scours the city searching for trace of Doctor Octopus. When he begins picking up his Spider-Tracer signal, Spider-Man swings to a nearby window. However, Doctor Octopus had been waiting for him and launches a surprise attack. Their battles takes them to the rooftops where Spider-Man manages to spray his enemy's tentacles. This causes them to flail around out of control. Unable to control his arms, Doctor Octopus has to fend off his own apendages. Spider-Man is not out of trouble either, as the mechanical arms are just as dangerous as ever. When they smash through a nearby chimny, causing bricks to raindown on the crowd below. Seeing a child beneath the falling debris, Spider-Man is too far to do anything about it. However, at the last moment, Captain Stacy pushes the child out of the way, getting buried under the rubble in the process. Seeing this, Spider-Man rushes to George's aid, pulling him up onto the rooftops in order to get him to help. However, George has been fatally wounded and is about to die. His final words to Spider-Man is the revelation that he knows that the wall-crawler is really Peter Parker, and tells him to look after his daughter. Peter is horrified, losing George in much the same way as his Uncle Ben. He wonders how he can ever reveal the truth about his double identity to Gwen once she finds out that he is responsible for the death of her father.

Solicit Synopsis

Once again. sudden. unexpected death strikes one of Marveldom's greats! We can't tell you more - 'cause we're too chocked-up!


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