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Synopsis for "Trap for a Terrorist!"

Swinging through the city, Spider-Man cannot get the Gwen off his mind. When he stops in at the Daily Bugle building, Joe Robertson pulls the boy aside and asks him where he's been. When Joe learns that of what happened to Gwen, Joe sends Peter on "Assignment" to England on the condition he takes news photos for the Bugle while he's out there.

Flying there in a jet, he soon comes to learn that an American delegate and his son are on the plan flying to England on important government business. When the plane is taken hostage by hijackers looking to have their colleagues released from prison, Peter manages to slip away and change into Spider-Man, saving the airplane from a bomb, but failing to stop the terrorists from escaping with the delegate and his son.

Spider-Man talks briefly with Scotland Yard, and loses his temper when they want Spider-Man to go back to the police station with them so they can review their records. Spidey swings off to look for the terrorists. He eventually finds them, but with out the delegate. When he learns that they are going to die at at 7:00 unless their demands are met. Spider-Man then begins to scour all of London to try and find them, when he realizes that the terrorists hid them in Big Ben. Spidey rescues them.

However, when he changes back to Peter Parker and is about to see Gwen, he notices the news reports about Spider-Man being in England, and realizes that Gwen could put two and two together and figure out his secret identity. Cursing his stupidity, Peter is forced to go home without visiting the girl he loves.

Solicit Synopsis

The epic you've been waiting for! Spidey flees to England on a desperate quest - only to face the murderous menace of - the Terrorist! It's a shocker!


Continuity Notes

  • Spider-Man laments over the death of George Stacy and Gwen's departure to England. These events happened in Amazing Spider-Man #90 and 93, respectively.
  • Gwen's sudden move to England isn't just because of her father's death. She is also trying to cover up her pregnancy following an affair with Norman Osborn circa Amazing Spider-Man #61. This truth was revealed in Amazing Spider-Man #509514.
  • Peter Parker thinks about all the years that he has sacrificed a normal life because of his double life. Per the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616, Peter has been Spider-Man for roughly three years at the time of this story.


  • The cover to this issue states that this story was "torn from today's headlines"... The 1960s and 70s saw an increase of terrorist activities across the world. This story was likely inspired by 1969 kidnapping of the American ambassador to Brazil Charles Burke Elbrick, who was kidnapped by the terrorist organization known as MR-8.

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