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Appearing in "In the Grip of the Goblin!"

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Other Characters:

  • Gwen Stacy (Vision)
  • Harry's Dealer
  • Mr. Osborn's Secretary




Synopsis for "In the Grip of the Goblin!"

Norman Osborn's Green Goblin-persona has returned and Spider-Man has stumbled upon him. After a brief battle across the city, the Goblin escapes vowing to strike back at his arch nemesis.

Changing back to his civilian identity, Peter worries over that damage the Goblin can do now that he remembers Peter's real identity. Returning home, he finds Harry who is stressed out over his studies and over the turbulence in his relationship with Mary Jane. Peter becomes concerned when he finds that Harry has been popping pills.

The next day when Peter and Harry head off to class, Mary Jane once more snubs Harry in favor of Peter. Peter scolds her for her behavior, but she tells Peter her avoidance of Harry is a long story. Harry meanwhile has gone to his dealer and bought more pills. Peter looks for Harry, but cannot find him and decides to resume his hunt for the Green Goblin after he learns of reports of thefts across the city. Giving up as Spider-Man, he tries Osborn's office as Peter Parker, but it turns out to be another dead end.

Later that day, Harry confronts Mary Jane over her giving him the cold shoulder, fed up with Harry's behavior, Mary Jane dumps him. Harry returns home where he takes it out on Peter, Peter tells Harry off, and Harry goes off to take more pills. Peter goes off on another fruitless search for the Green Goblin. When he returns home, he finds that Harry has overdosed from the pills and needs immediate medical help. Before Peter can call for an ambulance, the Green Goblin appears outside the apartment challenging Peter once more.

Solicit Synopsis

How about a 7-page battle between Spidey and the Goblin - just for openers? Then, one of the most dramatic sequences in all of comicdom - and oh, that shock ending!


  • The Comics Code Authority refused to give this issue its approval, due to the mention of drugs.

Continuity Notes

  • In this story, the drug that Harry is taking is unidentified but is in a pill form. Later in Amazing Spider-Man #121122 he states that he was on LSD.

Chronology Notes

Events in this story happen behind the scenes that affect the chronology of the following characters:


Green Goblin:

Publication Notes

  • As with the previous issue, this issue was also published without the Comic Book Authority Code. This is due to the fact that the Code did not approve any instance of illegal drug use in comic book publications at the time. Since Stan Lee's story reflected the drug use in negative light, Marvel published the stories anyway. Due to the stories popularity, it led to the first revision of the Code.
  • Romita (credited as Artist Emeritus) inked pages 7, 15, 16, and 19.

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