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Quote1 Did you expect the Green Goblin to let Spider-Man live? Quote2
Green Goblin

Appearing in "The Goblin's Last Gasp!"

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Synopsis for "The Goblin's Last Gasp!"

The Green Goblin has attacked Peter Parker at the apartment that he shares with Harry Osborn just as Harry is in dire need of medical help after a drug overdose. When the Green Goblin tries to attack, Peter tries to get the Goblin to see the state his son is in, the Goblin, not wishing to remember his son flees. Peter is able to call an ambulance and Harry is taken to the hospital.

Meanwhile in England, Gwen Stacy begins to realize that leaving Peter behind to move to England was a big mistake and decides to return back to New York and find Peter, and hopefully patch things up. While back in the States, Peter finishes his classes and is confronted by Harry's dealer who tells Peter to pass along the fact that he has more pills to sell Harry. When Peter calls him a creep, the dealer calls his thugs to beat Peter, however Peter manages to easily defeat them with the help of his spider-strength. Beating the dealer into submission, Peter warns him that if he catches the man dealing drugs again, the next beating will make this one seem worse by comparison.

While at the Bugle, news of Harry Osborn's drug overdose has reached Jonah's desk, Jonah asks Joe how he's going to present the story in the papers. Joe tells him that he's going to explain that drugs aren't just a ghetto problem, but everyone's problem.

Peter, meanwhile, has resumed his identity of Spider-Man and is once more scouring the city looking for the Green Goblin. When he finds him the two are locked in a battle, which is prolonged because Spider-Man forgot to refill his web-shooters. However, he manages to perch himself on the Goblin's shoulders and force him to fly to the hospital and LOOK at his son. Realizing his son's condition causes the Green Goblin to return to his Norman Osborn identity and pass out. Peter then takes him back home, strips off and destroy his Goblin costume and leaves, hoping that this is the end of the Goblin's scourge.

Things end happily for Peter when upon returning home he is greeted by Gwen who had just returned from England.

Solicit Synopsis

As if the conclusion of Spidey's free-for-all with the Green Goblin isn't enough for you - we promise you an ending that's the season's biggest surprise!


  • The Comics Code Authority refused to give this issue its approval, due to the mention of drugs.

Continuity Notes[]

Chronology Notes[]

Events in this story occur behind the scenes that affect the chronology of the following characters:

  •  Page 1-14  - The Green Goblin launches his attack against Spider-Man.
  •  Page 15-20  - Goblin forced to see his son in the hospital, slips back into temporary amnesia.

Publication Notes[]

  • This issue like the two before it was not published with the Comic Book Authorities seal of approval. This is because at the time the Authority forbids any comics which depicted illegal drug use, regardless of the context. Since the story featured drug use in a negative light, Marvel comics published the story anyway without the Code's approval. The story gained enough notoriety that it led to the first change in the Comic Book Authority Code.
  • Background inks by Mortellaro.
  • This issue reflects an editorial decision by Marvel to omit periods from word and thought balloons.

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