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After a day out with Gwen Stacy, Peter decides that it's time he gets his personal life in order. His first order of business is getting a real job, deciding that going back to Osborn wouldn't be a good idea as it might awaken the Green Goblin again, Peter opts to pressure J. Jonah Jameson into finally giving him a part-time job at the Bugle instead of freelance work. When Jameson asks Peter to take pictures of a hostage situation at a nearby prison, Peter pressures Jameson into giving him a job.

Peter shows up at the prison as Spider-Man and breaks up the hostage situation while getting the photos that are needed for the Bugle. On his way back, he's stopped by talk show host Johnny Carson who offers him the opportunity to be a guest on his talk show, Spider-Man talks him into paying him the usual rate for appearing on the show.

Peter is very happy for this incoming money because now he can afford to take Gwen out to dinner. However, he's shocked to find that now that he's on salary at the Bugle, payday isn't until Friday. Figuring his luck isn't out what with the guest appearance on the Carson show, Peter goes there as Spider-Man for the taping. After showing that he's the genuine article for the audience and then giving a speech about the overcrowded prison system, Spider-Man is forced to flee (without pay) when the police come to arrest him as there is still a warrant out for his arrest.

Disappointed that he doesn't have the money to take his girlfriend out, Peter arrives at Gwen's and tells her the news. Gwen tells Peter he's being silly and doesn't need to take her out and they opt to stay in, while she cooks them supper for a nice romantic night indoors.

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A riot in jail! Spidey on TV! Action, thrills, drama, and surprises - which'll lead to the great 100th Anniversary issue! You mustn't miss it!


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