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Quote1.png He should be here with me! There is so much I've got to tell him! About the phone calls, the messages... about it all. I thought they were about-- --but they've been about me! And now Peter is going to be targeted... in danger! I can't believe how rude I've been to him, but then again he -- I'm so confused! So scared! Quote2.png
MJ to Jill

Appearing in "Bright Lights... Bigger City"

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  • Armored van
  • Patrol cars
  • Limo

Synopsis for "Bright Lights... Bigger City"

Peter Parker and Mary Jane are going about their lives as Spider-Man and supermodel respectively, leading somewhat separate lives, but longing to be together. Jill Stacy visits Mary Jane, finding she is under armed guard due to the ongoing threat to her life from an, as yet, unidentified stalker. Peter attempts to see Mary Jane but is prevented from doing so by her security team. Nonetheless, Peter manages to save Mary Jane from an approaching armoured truck, who is then rushed from the scene to safety by her guards. The Blob breaks out of the truck and engages Spider-Man in combat. Spider-Man eventually wins out by dispensing a web cartridge over the Blob, incapacitating him. Mary Jane and Jill Stacy flee the scene in a limousine, but a bomb explodes close to the vehicle. Spider-Man swings in to rescue Mary jane and lifts her to safety.

Solicit Synopsis

  • The intertwined lives of PETER PARKER and MARY JANE come into serious conflict as the pressures and pace of their existences catch up to our crazed couple! And when MJ's stalker closes in, SPIDER-MAN finds his hands full with a ton of trouble as the Blob thunders into town!

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