Quote1 This is the point. This is the five million dollar question. I'm about to yank your chain like nobody else ever has before, and nobody ever will again. So listen carefully. Did the radiation enable the spider to give you those powers? Or was the spider trying to give you those powers before the radiation killed it? Which came first? The radiation? Or the power? The chicken or the egg or the power? Quote2
-- Ezekiel Sims

Appearing in "Transformations, Literal & Otherwise"

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Synopsis for "Transformations, Literal & Otherwise"

While on a patrol to clear his head, Spider-Man meets Ezekiel, a man with powers very similar to his own who knows more about them than Spidey himself does. Meanwhile, a man named Morlun appears at the docks with sinister intentions.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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