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Quote1.png You cannot run. You cannot hide. You can only fight. And eventually die. That's it. I'm sorry. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Meltdown"

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Synopsis for "Meltdown"

Ezekiel tells Spider-man that Morlun has touched Spider-man, he can find him anywhere he goes. Ezekiel tells Spider-man that he cannot help. Spider-man swings away on his own. Reaching chaos, Spider-man finds and fights Morlun again, this time with more aggression, but again, he must escape. Morlun again causes chaos and threatens lives in order to bring Spider-man. Spider-man enters, attacks Morlun, but, yet again, cannot take him down. Spider-man again must flee to avoid death. Getting some coins, Spider-man calls his aunt, May, for a possible farewell. Spider-man hangs up, turns around, and sees Morlun again. Another fight ensues, and before Morlun can possibly end the fight with a win, Ezekiel enters, teaming up with Spider-man. For the first time, Morlun bleeds. After a huge fight, Morlun finds, and absorbs Ezekiel, and Ezekiel falls into the river. Spider-man dives after him, but Ezekiel is gone. Spider-man finds Morlun's blood, takes it home to analyze. He finds that Morlun has cells of every type of being, and that the cells break down over time, and need recharging from a life form...

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