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Quote1.png Hello, God... This is Peter Parker. Can I ask a favor? I know I've been your personal cat toy for the last few years...but can we not do that to me again for a while? Not real long, I know the odds on that are about zero...but just for a little while. Say...fifty or sixty years? I mean, that's not long in your terms, right? Just kidding, God... Just kidding. But I'll bet you knew that, didn't you? Quote2.png
Spider-Man after defeating Morlun

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  • Ezekiel's car

Synopsis for "Coming Out"

Spider-Man duplicates and transfers radiation into his system. Morlun was after him because Spider-Man was "pure", but now Morlun was walking right into a trap. Morlun finds Spider-Man lying on the ground. He prepares to absorb Spider-Man, and does so, only to stop in the middle, finding that he absorbed too much radiation he could handle. Spider-Man beats down Morlun to a pulp, and finds him down losing life and returning to his cellular state. Morlun surrenders, but Spider-Man knows he cannot let Morlun live, or Morlun would just get his power back and attack him again. Morlun's assistant, Dex, comes in, telling Morlun that he quits, and then shoots Morlun in the chest. Morlun falls to the ground, dying, and then starts to turn into dust. Dex runs away. Spider-Man chases him, and then catches him. Dex tells Spider-Man that Morlun hurt him a lot. Spider-man lets him go, and swings away. Spider-Man goes to Ezekiel's office. He wonders if Ezekiel could be alive. He sees barefoot prints on the windows.

Later, Peter gets out of his suit, finally getting some sleep. Aunt May comes in the apartment, worried after Peter's phone call. She goes in the room, and finds Peter badly injured, with a torn-up Spider-Man suit on the floor next to him...

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