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Quote1.png I know your secret. I know you're Spider-Man. Quote2.png
Aunt May

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Synopsis for "The Conversation"

Following the events of the battle with the villain Morlun, May Parker has found out that Peter really is Spidey! While waiting for May to arrive, Peter contemplates what May has in store for him (going over the different scenarios in his head of who might have six months to live..)

When May arrives Peter asks her if everything is ok. As she answers he catches a glimpse of the costume that was ripped to shreds in the previous two issues in the battle with Morlun. After Pete tries to con his way out of the situation, May proves it to be futile by just coming out and saying "I know your secret. I know you're Spider-Man"! As Peter comes to terms with her knowing May chides him from hiding this fact from her all these years. After accepting this fact, Peter tells May the reason why he's become Spidey (by letting the burglar go, ultimately causing Uncle Ben's death). As he finishes telling May, yet another shocker happens.

May reveals that it wasn't wholely his fault, that she and Ben had gotten into a fight, causing Ben to storm out and go for a walk - never to be seen alive again. A brief interlude shows that the entire conversation lasted 2 hours and 36 minutes. May also reveals that she knew Pete was hiding something before, but she just thought he was gay ('I always knew you were hiding something in the closet, I thought it was chiffon, not a costume!)

After May tells Peter this she also says that some part of her will always hate that he's Spidey, but some part will always love Peter. With that May leaves. As Peter's Inner Monologue kicks in we see May in a cab on the verge of crying. As Peter puts on his costume, he says that he's lied to May for too long and that his new responsibility is to never lie to her again...ever.

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