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Quote1.png Honestly...not all it's cracked up to be. I mean...I'm glad MJ is having so much fun and all, and the money's great...I think...but I just didn't expect her to be out of town so much. I see her between flights and...well, it's not what I expected from our marriage. Quote2.png
-- Peter to Jill

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Synopsis for "Betrayals"

Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four are in the middle of a fight with half of the Frightful Four, The Sandman and The Trapster. Spider-Man decides to go back to the beginning of the story where he has visited the Fantastic Four to find out whether he is a clone or the real Spider-Man.There the Thing tells Spidey that they have constant camera surveillance on the Sandman when the story switches to the Sandman and Senator Ward sneaking around in a dark Hotel Lobby.Thanks to a phonecall to Mary Jane, Spidey travels to the same hotel to comfort Jill Stacy who is afraid of the dark when he spots the Trapster. Meanwhile the Trapster has been paid to make an assassination attempt on Senator Ward with the help of the Sandman, and soon Spidey arrives with the Fantastic Four not far behind. Spidey and the Fantastic Four fight the Trapster and the Sandman and the Thing smashes the Trapster's glue packs into the Sandman, however they both escape and the fantastic Four are left wondering what has just happened.

Solicit Synopsis

Attack of the Trapster! Spider-Man lends some web-shooting hands to the Fantastic Four during their latest battle with the Frightful Four. Plus, an assassination plot against Senator Ward!

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