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What a strange tone in her voice. The same tone I had sometimes when -- she doesn't...know, does she? Should I ask if she knows? No. Peter would tell me if she knew. Except Peter and I don't talk. Nuts.
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Aunt May
She had to hear the tone in my voice. She doesn't know that I know, does she? Should I tell her I know? No. In anyone tells her it should be Peter. Except Peter and she don't talk. Oh, dear...
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Appearing in "Sensitive Issues"

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  • Armored van

Synopsis for "Sensitive Issues"

In a continuation from the previous issue, May Parker is still dealing with the discovery of her nephew's secret identity. She goes to the Daily Bugle to talk to J. Jonah Jameson personally to cancel her subscription to the newspaper for its unfair coverage of Spider-Man. May and Mary Jane have a brief conversation where both sound distant when talking about Peter.

Meanwhile, Peter once again accompanies his student Jenny to another abandoned building that she and other children are squatting in. There, Peter meets Jenny's friend Susie and the three discuss the disappearances that have been happening on the street, unnoticed by the police. Those disappearing had been street guys, late high school to early college aged. While on patrol, Spider-Man finds and confronts the mysterious assailant behind the disappearances before he teleports away without a trace.

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