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Quote1.png It never hurts to make a good impression. Who knows, someday someone might want to make a movie about you. Quote2.png
Aunt May

Appearing in "Looking Back"

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  • Lamont's car

Synopsis for "Looking Back"

Spider-man meets with police Lieutenant William Lamont. The two follow up on a lead concerning the black star tattoo on Shade's neck from their last encounter. Lamont bring's Spider-man to Richard Cranston, a man who bears the same black star tattoo. Richard recounts how he killed a bookstore owner for the last book he needed for his ritual. While in prison he was set to complete his ritual before being jumped by Shade. During the ritual Cranston stared into the astral plane and lost his mind. Realizing that he would need help to confront the magical threat Spider-man goes to find Doctor Strange at his Sanctum Sanctorum.


In this issue, there is reference to the Spider-Man (2002) movie starring Tobey Maguire when Aunt May, while speaking with Peter Parker, makes a remark that Peter may eventually have a movie made of him

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