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Appearing in "A Strange Turn of Events"

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  • Airplane

Synopsis for "A Strange Turn of Events"

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Continuity Notes

  • When Spider-Man comes to Doctor Strange for help, Doctor Strange mentions that he is busy, and the reason that he is busy was something to be revealed in a Doctor Strange miniseries "The Other Side of Darkness". However, that miniseries never came out. Instead, two years later, Straczynski wrote a revamped Doctor Strange origin miniseries called Strange. More than five years after this issue came out, Straczynski was on the way out as the writer of Amazing Spider-Man after a long and acclaimed run. But he couldn’t just leave that Doctor Strange plothole hanging there. So, in Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #24, the second part of One More Day, the story that is titled "The Other Side of Darkness", Peter, desperate, decides to try to cast a spell himself. It does not go well for him but Doctor Strange rescues him and finds a way to cure him. But to do so, Strange needs to take Peter back in time to a time when Strange knows that he was not present at his Sanctum Sanctorum. He ended up back at this issue. So, the Doctor Strange who spoke to Peter back in this issue was actually a time-traveling Doctor Strange from the future. So the appointment Strange had with death behind those doors was Peter.

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