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Quote1.png We are inside the moment between moments. We may even be able to affect what happens when the quantum possibilities collapse into one reality. Our reality. Our future. Quote2.png
Doctor Strange

Appearing in "Happy Birthday: Part 2 of 3"

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Synopsis for "Happy Birthday: Part 2 of 3"

Dr. Strange confronts Dormammu while the other heroes contains the Mindless One. Deciding to help Strange, Spidey accidentally alters the dynamics of Doc's spell. Intending to destroy both himself and Dormammu, Strange instead cast outside of space and time with Spidey, simultaneously seeing the past and a possible future where Dormammu wins. There, Spidey tries to rescue Mary Jane from a Mindless One but it snaps her neck, killing her. Time switches and he finds at Aunt May's grave observing his middle-aged self. Stuck between time, Spidey simultaneously sees that future self face off against the police even as his past self is about to be bitten by a radioactive spider.

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