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Quote1.png Today was a bump in the road, but I'm feeling good about all of this. One Super Villain's cured. A zillion more to go. I can do this. I've got my own company! All these resources. Good friends by my side. I can feel it. We're gonna change the worlds! This is going to work! Quote2.png
Peter Parker

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Jonah proclaims his first Fact Channel exclusive as Black Cat takes off Spider-Man's mask, however, everyone watches in awe how Jonah himself ruined his own time in the spotlight by blocking the shot, leaving him in shock and anger once he finds out. Fortunately for Peter, Silk arrives in the nick of time, covering his face with webbing. Black Cat and Electro battle her but she manages to escape the place, impressing Peter with her good performance in her first supervillain battle, prompting Felicia to search for reinforcements.

Felicia arrives to the Bar with No Name, where the criminals present are giving an eulogy for Francine (who was accidentally killed by Electro). She requests their assistance against Spider-Man but all of them refuse since she's still allied with Electro and consider her a danger. Meanwhile, Silk brings Peter back home where Anna Maria helps him to take off the webbing off his face. Anna reminds Peter of another commitment from his company to demonstrate their Anti-Electro trap, bringing Silk again, since Peter considers her "His Good Luck charm".

Electro pressures Sajani into telling him how effective the Anti-Electro trap will be in removing his powers but Felicia interrupts their talk in order to ask her about how the device works. They both infiltrate the demonstration, suiting Electro into the "Fake Electro" costume while Felicia disguises herself as one of the operators. Anna Maria brings Peter and Cindy into the demonstration, only to be warned by the lattermost's Spider-Sense of the danger ahead (revealing that her Spider-Sense is more acute and accurate than Peter's). They both suit up, but Anna complains that Peter is once again bailing out on his company, but Peter leaves Anna in charge, albeit after giving her a promotion with a better title and more pay. Silk wraps up Peter with extra webbing in order to give him better protection against Electro once they jump into action.

As Anna Maria arrives to announce the cancellation of the demonstration, Black Cat and Electro see that the News helicopter approaches, apparently being anonymously tipped off by her, since she wanted all eyes on them (but mostly on her). Felicia starts the machine, further enhancing Electro's power only to be interrupted by Spider-Man and Silk. Electro blasts him off but his insulated webbing protects him. Right then, he tells Silk to cover Electro with her webbing while he deals with Felicia. She changes the plan, using the wiring to overload Electro, putting his powers way out of control, shooting his lightning bolts against the helicopter, but Silk manages to make a giant airbag with her webbing to save them.

Peter tries to stop Felicia who puts him to the test asking him if he will waste time confronting her or saving his enemy, this in order to see if it's really him instead of Octavius. Peter jumps into the machine, using his webbing to cover Electro in order to take him out of there. Peter asks Felicia for help but she refuses, revealing that she wants to see him burn, since their relationship and the trust she had into him made her weak, calling him the unluckiest part of her life. Electro asks to let go, but Peter remains determined to save him, until they both are saved by Silk who pulls them out of the machine. Peter asks Silk to wrap the three of them into a webpod to save them from the explosion.

The Fact Channel reports the explosion, announcing that Electro is now depowered, while the police blames the incident on the poor security measures from Parker Industries, but Jonah once again launches another of his tirades against Spider-Man, giving his co-anchor Natalie the time to talk with Cindy who decided to take a job with them as their new intern (after hearing thanks to her heightened senses that her former intern quit during the explosion), determined to use their assets in order to find her missing family.

After the incident, most of the low-level criminals visit Black Cat, who took over the Eel's former hideout, in order to proclaim their new allegiance to her, impressed with how she fought Spidey, took out Electro, and gave the police force and Parker Industries a major blow. Felicia enjoys her newfound glory, leaving her determined to become the Queen of the criminal underground.

In Parker Industries, Sajani manages to return safely, while Anna and Peter discuss the fact that the city hates the company, Black Cat is still on the loose and now he must face the danger of Morlun, but Peter considers the day a win since they managed to save Electro's life and also depower him. Sajani enters the room and tells them that in order to escape she had to reveal how the machine works, although unbeknownst to them she was willing to give them information, since she considers the "Super-Villain Prison" the worst business model, aside from the apparent strong dislike to Peter. Sajani asks Anna Maria for her help in Peter's other projects but tells her to keep this from Peter, who reflects that this was a good day for them, albeit with a few bumps, but things are looking bright for him ahead.

Solicit Synopsis

• The finale of the record-breaking first arc of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN where all hell breaks loose on Peter Parker.

• Parker Industries has promised a humane and secure super-villain containment system but Black Cat and Electro have other ideas…

• The secrets of Silk have been revealed!


  • 32 PGS./Rated T ...$3.99

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