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Quote1.png I don't know where you are. Or what you're planning. But I know it's big. And I know if we don't stop you, it'll be our fault. So yeah, I'm ready to lose it all -- if it means taking you down! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Scorpio Rising - Part 2: Power Play"

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Synopsis for "Scorpio Rising - Part 2: Power Play"

In Paris, Scorpio taunts and shoots the injured Spider-Man with his Zodiac Key, but he manages to dodge it and attacks Scorpio. The villain tries to block him with the Key, by Spidey simply punches him through the giant hole in the middle of the Key. But Scorpio declares that he knows Spider-Man's weakness, then fires the Key at civilians, forcing Spidey to push two people out of the way of a falling car since he used up his webbing. Spider-Man is crushed under the car and Scorpio moves to finish him off for intervening in his plans, declaring that the future is his. But then he is called by Gemini, who are abording a train in the Channel tunnel to England. He warns Scorpio that civilians are about to protect Spidey so he has to leave, since the moments Scorpio would need to blast through them will cause him to loose the train. Scorpio complains, but sure enough, bystanders start to stand up to him for Spidey. After being reminded of the "ascension", Scorpio punches a motorcyclist Gemini predicts will pass by his right and rides off to the Channel, being predicted to arrive just in time. Spidey manages to tag him with a Spider Tracer before passing out.

Outside the Andru Correctional Facility in New York, the man in the red suit sends the Rhino, sporting a new black version of his Rhino suit, to retrive the Lizard and someone else. He explains that what he really needs is Connor's brain, with him being the Lizard an extra. Rhino then runs to the facility to retrieve the men, with a maniacal grin on his face. In Paris, Anna and the Brain arrive in a S.H.I.E.L.D. flying car to pick up Spider-Man. He thanks the bystanders for helping him and not trying to take off his mask when he was out due to his new status as a respected hero, and they fly off to find Scorpio. However, his Webware says that the tracer he put in Scorpio is out of range and going faster than they, despite them traveling via flying car. They realize he could only do this using the Chunnel and go to stop him. The Brain gives Spidey an spare suit and webbing, but when asked to perform a medical scan, Otto creeply refers to Peter's body as the "ultimate vessel." He shruggs off his odd remark and they enter the Channel.

Inside the train, Jacobs forces Zodiac masks on the conductors with their respectives signs, Cancer and Leo, rewriting their minds and putting them under his control. He orders them to get him to England, but Spidey uses the train speakers to warn the passengers of the Zodiac. Jacobs asks how Gemini couldn't predict this and he explains that he can't see into his own future, which is why Jacobs managed to poision the last Gemini. Meanwhile, Spidey jumps from the flying car to the train, barely managing to keep hold of it. He manages to dodge a shot from Scorpio, but his webbing backfires because he is going against wind. Scorpio then shoots at Anna and the Brain, forcing Spidey to go help them. As the three crash, Scorpio says that with one more stop, the world and it's future will be his.

Back in the Andru Correction Facility, the Rhino and the Lizard exit the facility and meet with the man in the red suit. Connors demands to see his family, but the Rhino assures him that they are okay with Oksana. The Rhino is also carrying Max Dillion, the depowered Electro, whom the red suited man has plans for. Meanwhile, Spidey, Anna and the Brain exit the tunnel in the damaged car. Peter refuses to have medical attention until they catch Scorpio. They heard a transmission that says the Zodiac broke through the British army in the other side of the tunnel, and they weren't able to warn them since Fury and Spidey took out all those satellites. The Brain asks what was Peter doing in the orbit anyway, and he suddenly has an idea. They go to the place in Paris Spidey tracked the Orrery to in the first place, but Peter recognizes the address as Vernon Jacobss, Parker Industries bigger shareholder. When they enter the house they find various Zodiac-themed sculptures. The Brain find the entrance to the sublevels. One is an artificial hill with a dome-shaped screen, his private planetorium. Next, they find the room Jacobs is given his horoscope in. Spidey laments having being played by Scorpio, but Anna tells him to do what Scorpio did, use the company.

Spider-Man uses his Web Ware to call his various allies from Parker Industries via hologram to tell him about the equipment in Scorpio's lair. Grady Scraps says the equiment uses chronotons, which Peter and him once used to skip one day ahead, while Clayton Cole says most of it is used to store information. However, they are interupted by a hologram of Scorpio, who takes off his mask since they know who he is. He explains that they are the Zodiac and they are the future. He has been using that tech to stay one day ahead, receiving a daily horoscope from Gemini. He used this to build his fortune on horse races, lotteries and the stock. One day he was told that Parker Industries, a little start-up company that had failled, would out of knowhere get to the top. He doesn't know how Parker pulled that off, but regardless he was there to invest. He tells Spidey to tell Parker that he financed everything Zodiac did and warns him that he is so deep in the company that he knows enough secrets to ruin it and leave Parker with nothing if they keep getting in his way. But Spider-Man says that he knows Peter and that he still has his responsibility. He knows that if they don't stop Zodiac, whatever they do will be their fault, so he is ready to lose it all to stop them.

Solicit Synopsis

• The 13th sign of the Zodiac is THE SPIDER?!?!?!

• Scorpio is on the verge of controlling the future and Spider-Man's fight will take him on both sides of the English Channel.

• But when Scorpio compromises Parker Industries, what will this mean for Peter moving forward?!

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