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Quote1.png Let whoever's left come! Send them all! It won't be enough! I am power incarnate! I am the only savior humanity needs! I... am... Regent! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Power Play - Part 3: Avengers Assembled"

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Synopsis for "Power Play - Part 3: Avengers Assembled"

In Jersey City, Ms. Marvel is looking for Miles Morales, as he texted her the Avengers' distress signal and the GPS shows that he should be there. The Regent is observing her using Miles' camouflage and takes her out with his venom touch. Later, he uses the camouflage and Kamala's elasticity to knock out Nova mid-flight and carry him away without people noticing; then ambushes Captain America in supersonic speed; and takes down the Vision using an energy weapon made from the Ghost's tech. After all of them are in his tanks, Stillwell warns him that he is pushing his suit and body to their limits; however, Regent ignores her warnings and ambushes Thor, wanting the power of a God for when the superhuman community retaliates.

Later MJ, Tony Stark, and Peter Parker visit Miles' parents in Brooklyn, claiming that he won a joint science contest between their companies and that the rules say he can't get any outside help. When they start to doubt them, Peter insists they he will be home soon and excuses them out. Once outside, Tony scolds him since they came to calm them down and don't know yet if he is okay. Peter tells him that he has been covering for his Spidey since they were Miles' age. He would disappear to another dimension and it would be just another Tuesday. Miles is better than he was at his age, so he is sure he will be okay. After confirming that there is no trace of Miles in his home, Tony, fed up with Peter's calmness to the situation, goes back to the Avengers' headquarters and tells him to have Spidey meet him there. Peter apologizes to MJ and says they should focus on Miles, and MJ says that at least she doesn't have to deal with secret identities with Stark and reminds him that this was Tuesday for her, too, before leaving.

Meanwhile, the Regent, who managed to capture Thor, arrives at the Cellar. After Betty Brant, who is also now in a tank, confronted him, he had to move his plans. Dr. Stillwell warns him about his vital signs, but he insists that he is fine and changes into Augustus Roman for a meeting with Harry Lyman in his office. He asks him why did he told his assistant it was urgent that they met. Harry remembers that before Betty left, he gave her a picture of the Regent and asked her to get him an autograph and to call him right after she was done. Harry simply says that it was so they should start negotiations.

At the Avengers' current headquarters in New Jersey, Iron Man and MJ meet with Spidey. Tony checks that Miles' last text was to Ms. Marvel, who also hasn't been seen. Suddenly, Redwing, Cap's falcon, appears through the window alone, startling MJ. Tony is surprised at how casual Spidey and MJ are around each other and is reminded that they knew each other from when they were all living on Avengers Tower. Tony still can't recall any of that, until Jarvis confirms this, adding that he dated Peter's aunt. Tony starts to remember that. Meanwhile, at May and Jay's penthouse, May prepares to go on a date with Jay but suddenly begins to cough up blood. She throws the tissue away and goes with her husband.

Back at the Cellar, Harry explains that back when Parker Industries was trying to get the prison contract, they made many inventions for the prison, and they could share them with Empire Unlimited if they went to business together. Augustus refuses, explaining that he doesn't care about profits, but containing superhuman threats and coldly reminds Harry of the civilian casualties caused when Spider-Man fought against his father and later him. Harry tells him that he got help to reform and is trying to contribute to society via Parker Industries. He is not the only one, there is also Clayton Cole, a former supervillain who made features into the Webware to save lives. Like one that calls 911 if you had an accident, or another that tells you if your blood pressure is too high. There is one that remained in beta testing due to privacy issues, which allows you to locate someone by tracking their Webware. He used it to find Betty after he didn't see her in a while and, funny enough, it told him she was in the Cellar.

Harry cuts the chase and asks Roman where is Betty. He tries to maintain his cool to this accusations, dismissing them as "hereditary paranoia" and insisting that Betty must have left her Webware last time she came there. But when Harry confronts him about being the Regent, he snaps and breaks his desk. Harry then pushes a button in his Webware. At the Avengers Hangar, Spidey receives a prerecorded message from Harry, telling him that Betty Brant is missing and Augustus Roman is responsible. MJ recalls how earlier, they deduced Roman was the Regent and Betty went to confront him. Iron Man flies Spidey to the Cellar, suspecting that this is connected to Miles' disappearance. They are ambushed over the East River by the Regent, who throws Spidey away. While fighting, Iron Man recognizes him using the Ghost's, Miles', and Kamala's powers. Once in the ground, he is joined by Spider-Man, who used his web-chutes to descend safety, and they theorize he used technology similar to the Super-Adaptoid's for his armor.

Back at the Hangar, Jarvis tries to call for backup against the Regent, but no superhero team responds. During the fight, Regent calls Stillwell, ignoring her warnings about his vitals and asking about Harry, who is being carried away to a tank. He insists on holding Osborn, since he almost discovered how much he has advanced in his plan. It is revealed that the Regent's tanks for the heroes are filled. Using the powers of various super-heroes, he makes short work out of Iron Man and Spider-Man. After defeating them, he maniacally declares himself Regent. Power incarnate and the only savior humanity needs.

Solicit Synopsis


• Things aren't going well between the Amazing Spider-Man and the Invincible Iron Man and their conflict is opening the door for Regent and his plan against our heroes!

• Now that Regent has started imprisoning HEROES and stealing their powers things have gone from bad to worse.


  • There is a minor continuity error in which Jarvis mentions having courted Aunt May; however, it was revealed in Secret Invasion that Jarvis had been replaced by a Skrull before dating May, and the real Jarvis was later found alive, so they never actually dated.

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