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Quote1.png Roman got so obsessed with his "mission" he let it take over his life. Probably a lesson in there for guys like us. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Power Play - Conclusion: Suit Yourself"

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Synopsis for "Power Play - Conclusion: Suit Yourself"

In the Avengers Hangar, Jarvis and MJ are see the Regent defeat Spider-Man and Iron Man and try to figure out what to do. MJ gets an idea and they look into the crates where the things from Avengers Tower are, where she finds the Iron Spider Armor. She explains that she used an Iron Man armor during the Other and gained spider-powers during Spider-Island, so she should be able to use the armor. Jarvis says it's suicidal, but she says she knows what she is doing, while saying to herself that what she is doing is something unbelievably stupid. Meanwhile, the Regent flies to the Cellar, with the unconscious heroes in energy bubbles. Stillwell tells him that his life signals and the suit are holding, and suggests killing Betty and Harry since they use up space in the containing tubes and people will notice if the C.O.O. of Parker Industries goes missing. When Harry is thrown to his tube, he wakes and reaches his Webware. He uses an untested app he had Clayton install before going there based on his Clash tech. A sonic wave destroys his tube and allows him to escape. He is immediately chased be guards and calls Spidey.

In the energy bubble, Spider-Man is roused by Harry's call and tries to fight his way out of the bubble. The Regent asks him if he really thinks he can breach the bubble, but he reveals the he wanted to distract him from something he saw coming their way from the sky, since he is still new to the spider-sense. MJ flies by and slashes Regent, causing him to fall and the bubbles to pop. Spidey joins the fight and together they attack the Regent. As they fight, the three of them get the feeling that it all has happened before, but differently. But then Tony starts firing missiles at the Regent. MJ insists that Peter goes to help Harry and to trust her to handle this. Spidey tosses her some new web cartridges and enters the building. Meanwhile, Regent attacks the heroes with the Human Torch's powers. He says kidnapping Osborn was unfortunate, but he threatened the mission. Iron Man tells him that the world already has the mutants and the Inhumans, plus people get powers from outside sources, asking him if the mission means capturing every single powered person. He says that it does, and MJ asks him if he is planning to ban weapons like theirs and the hypocrisy of him having all the powers. But the Regent screams that he plans to save the world from the likes of them, even if he has to kill each of them for that.

In the Cellar, Spidey saves Harry from some guards that had captured him and he guides him to where Regent is stashing the heroes. He destroys one of the tanks and frees Miles. Outside, Regent feels as he starts loosing powers. MJ takes the opportunity to attack, but Roman rips out her stingers and punches Iron Man, telling Stillwell to investigate the problem. With the guards beaten Stillwell goes to deal with Spider-Man herself. She finds him breaking more tanks, but Miles, who was hiding waiting for her, venom blasts her. Meanwhile, the Regent is beating MJ and Iron Man, saying he learned from Stark's mistakes. While Tony is "less than nothing" without his armor, Roman gave his body all the power it could hold before making his suit. More than enough to deal with them. But then the ground starts to rumble, and Roman looks up to see the heroes free. Spidey tells him that both the hard and easy ways end with him in the same place.

Latter, Augustus Roman is imprisoned in the Cellar, with heroes taking turns to guard him until they are sure it's sure to put him in his own prison. Iron Man tells Spidey that the criminals Regent had in his tanks will claim abuse to try and possibly get out, much to his disdain. Spidey says Roman's mission took over his life which people like them could learn from. Tony says Spidey's boss could also learn from that. Spidey says that lately, Peter has put some aspects of his life ahead of the important ones. He only fully realized he lost MJ after she moved on. He tells Tony she is the best part of his company and he agrees.

Outside, they both apologize to Miles and say that heroes fighting each other never does end well. Miles says that his father knows his secret identity and set up an internet alert for him, so he and Peter takes a selfie so he knows he is okay. Harry is helping Betty get home when he recognizes MJ, who tells him she is not putting that armor on again.

The next day, Tony thanks MJ for her help with a bottle of champagne. Meanwhile, Peter, seeing that he not has seen the people he cares in a while, decides to take a day off and meets with his friends and family in the Coffee Bean. May carries baby Stanley and meets Bobbie Morse; Harry and Pete make plans to play poker; Robbie says Betty is getting nominating for a Pulitzer for her exposée on Roman and Jonah brags to Glory that their days in the Bugle where when real journalism was done. Meanwhile, Peter reflects on how Roman lost his family and it consumed him, and with all his own loses he could end like that if he lets it. But tragedies are part of life, and it means that you have to cherish the good times for as long as they last.

During the get together, Jay starts coughing blood and collapses.

Solicit Synopsis

• “Power Play” comes to its rousing conclusion!

• Regent’s master plan is working until Mary Jane Watson gets into the fray!

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