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Quote1.png As Spider-Man. And I don't always win. And people die. But look at this and imagine... what I could do with it as Peter Parker. Quote2.png
Peter Parker

Appearing in "Before Dead No More - Part One: Whatever the Cost"

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Synopsis for "Before Dead No More - Part One: Whatever the Cost"

In the Mount Sinai Hospital, Jonah, May and Peter visit Jay at his private room. Dr. McCray explains that Jay has been undergoing treatment for some time now, not wanting to worry them. Jonah initially blames Peter, as he had his father go around the world for his charity and could have gotten a disease. Jay calls him down and the doctor explains that the disease is hereditary. As they walk out of the room, Jonah asks if there is anything that they can do, and they are greeted by Dr. Rita Clarkson of New U Technologies, who was called by the doctor. They are offering a radical, cutting-edge approach more likely to succeed than traditional medicine. Jonah notices that she is not telling them something and she says that there is a "price" to be so close to cutting edge, one some find "too high." Thinking that she wants to use his father as a guinea pig, Jonah storms off. Rita agrees to send Peter and his people the materials of the procedure before leaving. May insists that she'll be fine and that Peter takes care of his company.

In Edmond, Oklahoma, a P.I. chemical plant catches fire and explodes, everyone running away. There was no hidden plot. No supervillian attack. Just an accident.

While on his private jet headed for San Francisco, Peter is astonished as he goes through the procedure's details with Anna, who is on London. New U uses the subject's DNA to create new organs perfect for transfer, free of any genetic defect. Better than cloning, the patients end up healthier than ever. Anna is worried that it sound mad scientist-like, but Peter is considering the possibilities already. As Spider-Man, he stops purse snatchers and muggers, a supervillain in a good day. But there are times when he loses and people die as a result. But he could use his company to make New U's procedure available to anyone, save millions, as Peter Parker. Standing besides Anna, Otto takes notes of the procedure inside the Living Brain, seeing promise in this like Peter does; however, Anna tells him to change to the news, and he sees what happened at Edmond, telling the pilot to turn the plane back.

At an undisclosed laboratory, the man in the red suit, no other than Miles Warren the Jackal himself, prepares to re-power Max Dillon. Max is strapped to a device while Warren, the Lizard and his wife Martha Connors, oversee the procedure. Max insists that what Parker Industries did to him is permanent, but the Jackal scuffs him. He conquered life and death, things like "forever" and "never again" are his playthings. Dillon says he changed his mind and asks what is in for him, but Warren snaps his fingers and a woman comes into the room. He doesn't recognize her without her tattoos and piercings, but then it clicks in. This is Francine, a young woman who was into supervillains. The one who gave Electro her help when his powers went haywire and he razed Ryker's a couple of years ago. The one who died when she tried to kiss him. This is what the Jackal can give him, a clean slate, which Dillon accepts. Before they begin, Martha informs him of something on the news. After watching footage of the Edmond chemical fire, the Jackal confirms that none of them did this. Suddenly, Spider-Man arrives on the scene with his Spider-Cycle, and Miles decides to keep watching with glee.

At the fire, an officer tells Spider-Man that there are still six people in there, and he goes to save them after finding them with his lenses. He crashes through a window with his bike, quipping that their company mascot is there to save them. The quipping always irritates the people he saves and may be inappropriate, but it makes them focus on that rather than the flames, thus successfully in lightening the mood. After getting a group of five out, he is told that the last employee, Jerry Salteres, was down the hall and he goes for him. He finds him pinned down by tons of equipment, the chemicals in the place ready to go out. But Jerry is his responsibility, so he finds the strength to lift to metal off him. He and Jerry begin to leave as the chemicals ignite, but manage to escape with the Spider-Cycle. But when they are safe, Jerry passes out.

Two hours latter at the nearest hospital where all the P.I. employees were taken, Spidey meets with Jerry's wife and kid, Emma and Leo. A doctor arrives and tells Mrs. Salteres that she should get in there if she has anything to say to Jerry. Concerned, Spidey takes the medical files from the doctor and sees that Jerry inhaled the chemicals in the plant, damaging his lungs and heart. He needs various transplants. A miracle, he realizes. He goes to the janitor's closet, takes off his mask and activates the suit's stealth mode, calling Dr. Clarkson. He explains that his employee needs her procedure. He will approve it all as C.E.O. and fly her team right away, but it needs to happen now. She says that she will consult it with her supervisor, who is no other than the Jackal. This was not part of his plans. He considers the situation for a minute, but decides to do it in order to give Pete a taste of their magic. As New U doctors operate on Jerry, Peter waits along Emma and Leo. Leo would rather have Spidey with him, but Jerry is his employee, he called New U. If this goes wrong, he'll have to be an adult for once and own it up. The doctors get out and say that Jerry is okay. He greets his wife and kid on a hospital bed while Peter watches outside. He tells him to enter. It might have been his chemical plant, but the Salteres know that he just spent a fortune to save him, and are grateful; however, as soon as Peter shakes hands with Jerry, his Spider-Sense goes off.

Latter, Jonah meets with Dr. Clarkson at New U's headquarters in San Francisco. He finally got over his tantrum, shallows his pride and says he is sorry. He might be arrogant, short-temperate and miserly, but he'll do anything for his family. He gives her a credit card with access to every penny he ever saved, but Rita sees that he still has his doubts. She says that he will give them publicity with the Fact Channel as part of the deal, and reveals that they prepared a demonstration for him. To show there is not limit, no boundary for New U. She snaps her fingers and Jonah stands shocked, for be for he is greeted by his dead wife, Marla Madison!

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• There’s an accident at Parker Industries!

• What will Peter Parker do to save his employees, both as CEO AND Spider-Man?!

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