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Quote1.png And never call me "Otto" again. I have a title. I earned it. Call me "Doctor"... Doctor Octopus! Quote2.png
Doctor Octopus

Appearing in "Spider-Man's Superior"

Featured Characters:

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Races and Species:

  • Humans (Main story and flashback)



Synopsis for "Spider-Man's Superior"

Back in his emergency Octobot Otto, decides to find his corpse in order to obtain the genetic material to be able to clone a new body. However, he discovers that his coffin has been stolen. Using the digital Anna Maria and a phone, Otto enters the internet and discovers that the New U buys the bodies of dead supervillains. Ordering on behalf of the New U he buys his old body and hides in the coffin as she is taken to the New U headquarters. At New U they clone Otto but since when his body died, Peter's mind was inside, the body is cloned with a replica of the latter inside. Otto reintroduces himself into his head and confronts the duplicate.

Spider-Man's mental duplicate confronts Doc Ock's.

Unfortunately Otto manages to win and come back to life. However, the Octobot runs out of energy and the digital Anna Maria deactivates. Otto realizes that the pills the Jackal gives to the clones are only a temporary remedy, as he cannot find a permanent way to stop the clones from melting and dying. Otto therefore agrees to help him.

The return of Doctor Octopus.

Solicit Synopsis


• Death is no more, and DOCTOR OCTOPUS HAS RETURNED!!!

• How is he back? And what does he have to do with The Jackal?


Carlie Cooper had already discovered that there was no one in Doctor Octopus's grave in Superior Spider-Man 21.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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