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Quote1.png Hey, I have a lot of friends who are clones. I'm not questioning whether you're a thinking, feeling human being with a right to life, liberty, and all that. But you're not Gwen. Quote2.png
Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

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Synopsis for "The Moment You Know"

The Jackal entrusts the Stacy with the task of convincing Peter to help them. George decides to give the two ex-boyfriends some privacy. Gwen notes that Peter is sad after seeing the resurrected of the New U. To Gwen's anger and pain, Peter states that he doesn't consider her the real Gwen Stacy. Gwen recalls their story and reveals to Peter that when Goblin killed her she was conscious and had discovered that he was Spider-Man. Peter fears that Gwen died hating him, but she reveals that she died feeling betrayed. However, having taken the time to think about it, she realized that Peter has good reason to keep the secret. Peter tells Gwen that it's been years since she died, and she realizes he's moved on and hesitantly asks him if he's with Mary Jane, but he says it's over between them. She gwen she also reveals that she understands who she really is the Jackal and that this is one of the main reasons she helps him. Gwen also points out how the Jackal has fixed all the mistakes and tragedies that have plagued his life, but Spidey replies that there is someone Reilly has not resurrected and goes to talk to him. Shortly thereafter the Jackal sends his enemies against him and a strange sound causes the decay of the cloned bodies or not.

Solicit Synopsis


• Gwen Stacy is back in the land of the living and in league with The Jackal.

• But why? She’s not evil. She’s not being mind-controlled. What would push the one of the most beloved characters in Marvel history to join one of Spider-Man’s worst villains?!

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