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Quote1.png Otto Octavius is coming. He wants to raid this place, and loot it of all the hard work we've done. I can't even begin to to think what he -- or Hydra -- would do with our intellectual property. I have a plan, but I'm going to need your help. You're some of the most creative thinkers I've ever met. I know we can do this together. Are you with me? Quote2.png
Peter Parker

Appearing in "Secret Empire - Part Two: Master Planning"

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Synopsis for "Secret Empire - Part Two: Master Planning"

Seeing that Captain America wielding Mjolnir at the head of Hydra, Spider-Man decides it is best for heroes to retreat. Created a diversion thanks to Quicksilver, Spidey tells his allies to take whoever they can and escape, only to save Mimo from Taskmaster. Barbara then takes Peter with her and runs away. The blonde would like the brunette to join her in a resistance to fight Hydra, but he tells her that Doc Ock is back and that he is targeting his company, and since he works for Hydra, stopping him is a priority. At that point Barbara kisses him and tells him that after he defeats Doc Ock and they save the world they can go out together. Sure to find Peter in the San Francisco office (now a mutant territory by Hydra decree), Otto goes there, to retrieve files and data, but Peter preferred to go to the Shanghai office, where he asks his employees for help to stop Superior Octopus. Among those who have decided to stay are Lian Tang, Dr. Wu (who thanks Peter for the funds he has allocated for his cancer research) and Phlipp to whom Peter says he is ready to destroy his research. Shortly thereafter, the Shanghai office was attacked by Otto. To deal with it, Peter shoots all his Spider-Mobiles but Otto manages to take control of them.

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• Otto Octavius is back, but he’s not returning to his old ways…

• No, this time, he’s THE SUPERIOR OCTOPUS! And he’s allied himself with Steve Rogers and Hydra!

• What does Ock have planned for Peter and Parker Industries? Nothing good for Spider-Man, that’s for sure!

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