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Quote1.png Parker Industries Shanghai, this is it. I didn't want to have to make this call, but we're facing a hostile takeover. Literally. Not by investors or another company. By a super villain... who's working for Hydra. And we know he's listening in. Tonight, he's knocking on our front door, but tomorrow, he could be sneaking in through the back. If he does, all the great work we've done here... would be twisted into helping the worst people on Earth. We know what we have to do. It's time. It's been an honor to build up this company with you. Now, let's tear it down! You hear that, Doc? I'm calling it -- Parker Industries no more! Quote2.png
Peter Parker

Appearing in "Secret Empire - Part Three: End of an Empire"

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Synopsis for "Secret Empire - Part Three: End of an Empire"

Lian manages to break Superior Octopus's control over her Spider-Mobile and holds him while Peter makes a serious decision: to prevent Otto from taking over his company, he just has to destroy it! Peter destroys all systems using computer viruses while his employees tear the terminals apart. Philipp destroys his research, as he could have created a terrible weapon in the wrong hands by being comforted by Wu. Peter defeats Otto, but he manages to escape. But he hasn't lost everything because Aunt May is extremely proud of him.

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• On orders from Captain America, the Superior Octopus is taking the fight to Parker Industries.

• Peter must use the full force of his company to stop Ock and Hydra, but WILL IT BE ENOUGH?!


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