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Quote1.png There is a new constellation in the sky! A thirteenth sign! The sign of The Spider! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Scorpio Rising - Part 1: One-Way Trip"

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Synopsis for "Scorpio Rising - Part 1: One-Way Trip"

Nick Fury arrives at the Baxter Building, passing through security guards and demanding to speak to Peter Parker, who was suposed to help S.H.I.E.L.D. find the fugitive Scorpio. Spider-Man then arrives, saying that he came up with an idea and escorts Fury to a secret elevator. He gives Fury a spacesuit and tells him to have the sky above the Baxter Building cleared. He explains that his idea is to use S.H.I.E.L.D.'s satelites to find Scorpio. Fury explains that Scorpio still has control over them ever since he hacked them, but Spidey's idea is to reactivate them manually. They take off in a rocket that he named the "Arachno-Rocket".

Meanwhile, at Scorpio's base in Paris, the villian has been summoned by his new Gemini, this time male twins, and wants to know why. They/He explains that he is still new to this and Spider-Man made a plan they didn't see coming by coming up with it right after midnight, as they can see a full day ahead and reset when a new day begins. He sees in the monitor Spidey's rocket coming to his satelites. Gemini explains that they will be able to localize the Orrery, the artifact Scorpio stole, and says he has to destroy it. Scorpio refuses, but is told that otherwise they will be found. Scorpio complains that the "alignment" is a few minutes away, but gets the idea to take remote control of the satelites.

Meanwhile in space, Fury and Spidey arrive at a S.H.I.E.L.D. satelite. They recall that Scopio took control of their satellites to find the relic and that his search program is still on them, so if they hack the satellites, they can use it to find him. They start to work but other S.H.I.E.L.D. satellites arrive and start shotting at them. Fury starts shooting them down with his laser gun, complaining how each will cost over 26 million, while Spidey hacks the satellite. He finds that the relic and the Zodiac Key are in Paris, but a satellite to big for Fury's laser appears. Using his Webware, Spidey has his Arachno-Rocket crash into the satellite, saving them but leaving them stranded. He points Fury to spacewalk towards the International Space Station, while Spidey is going to Paris, a one-way trip. At Scorpio's air, Gemini sense that Spider-Man yet lives and is coming for them, right before the "alignment" starts and the Orrery starts shinning. Talking at the same time, Gemini claims that the secret of the Zodiac will be revealed and detect a new constelation forming in the heavens. A thriteen sign of the Zodiac. The sign of the Spider.

Meanwhile, Spidey is free falling from the oribit, having seconds thought on his plan. His new suit of armor should be able to resist reentering the atmosphere, and then he can use a web-shute to slow his fall. He tells his suit to make a call. Meanwhile, Parker Industries London, Anna is talking to the Prime Minister on the phone, offering their Webware network to emergency services after various satellites started going down. After the call, Aiden Blain appears with food and they start making out. Then the Living Brain arrives, offering beverages as usual, but Otto Octavius, inside the Brain, is angered by what he sees. Anna then gets called by Spidey, who explains that he went from New York to space and now is in Paris and asks her to come by with a suit. Meanwhile, Spidey is falling to Paris. His new suit managed to resist reentry and he slowed down with web shutes, like he planned, but the chutes were burned away. He eventually runned out of web shutes as the space for his regular webbing has been taking by his special webbings. He comments on the irony of having accesorized himself to death. He activates a beacom for the people below and a device that makes web foam come out of his back and cover him to cushion his fall. In his plan he was going slower, but it should still work. Should being the key word.

Spidey crashes safetly into Paris. His suit is destroyed, but he still made it from space. But before he can get out of his web ball, it gets blasted by Scorpio with the Zodiac Key. He admits that Spidey almost got a drop on him, but he is one day ahead, so Spidey won't make it to tomorrow.

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The Amazing Spider-Man’s latest adventure takes him all across Europe in the final showdown with THE ZODIAC! Scorpio puts his master plan into motion and if he succeeds there’s no way Spider-Man or ANYONE can stop him.

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