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Quote1 Spider, we were... together. And now, I can't -- I can't remember what your face looks like. What your name is! Do you have any idea how that feels?! Quote2
Black Cat

Appearing in "Heist: Part 3"

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  • Night Thrasher's skateboard (Mentioned)

Synopsis for "Heist: Part 3"

With the Lookups, Mary Jane decided to accept a turn and opened up on being in love with a superhero. Acknowledging the perks that come with the relationship, she remembered the sleepless nights and endangerment by villains, but despite the repeated break ups and restarts, they would always lose someone close. These losses would have them re-examine life and begin the relationship again. Mary Jane found that she fell in love with him for his drive to helping and saving people, in spite of past suffering, with an appreciation for his ability to free himself with humor, having enjoyed his jokes. Yet in reflection, Mary Jane doubted her extroverted self complimented Peter's nature, wondering if he would be happier with someone more like his superhero exes. Afterwards, Mary Jane thanked Jarvis for the meeting, as he reminded her that she was indispensable to Peter because of her strength and character.

In the Thieves Guild storehouse, Black Cat and Odessa traded remarks as Odessa infuriated Spider-Man by not saying his name with a hyphen. Given that Felicia paid her dues, she could not be hurt or killed, and she maintained that while some items were fair game, most of the treasures were needed to keep people safe, thus she was against the Guild's "comeback". Disappointed, Odessa ordered her subordinates to kill Spider-Man, while Odessa tried to sway Felicia back to following the guild. With no luck as Felicia continued her defiance, Odessa instead had her mages ready to cast both vigilantes into the Guild's True Vault, a mystical pocket dimension accessible only to the Guild mages.

Racing to prevent their eternal imprisonment, Spider-Man located Ms. Marvel's backpack and activated a Find my Phone app to signal the Avengers. Elsewhere, while Reed Richards and Tony Stark tried to locate the missing items, Ms. Marvel called their attention to her Find My Phone app which pinged the target location, embarrassing the veteran heroes. With the swarm of heroes inbound, Odessa was forced to order a retreat, ending the spell prematurely and left the stolen goods. While excited his planned worked, Felicia corrected him as the Guild got their notoriety back, as more common thieves, robbers and crooks shall pay their dues. Once the heroes arrive, their bombastic entry caused Spider-Man and Black Cat to jostle into a misconstrued scene.

Peter Parker (Earth-616) and Felicia Hardy (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 5 10 001

Spider-Man unmasks again to Black Cat

At night, Spidey and Felicia talked briefly about the Heist before mentioning their awkward reunion as partners, and confirmed to each other they were seeing a respective significant other. Felicia admitted to being in a dark place in her life, but going back to when Superior Spider-Man devastated her life, she realized that she didn't remember who Spider-Man was under the mask. Spider-Man revealed that a memory alteration spell was used to restore his secret identity, but the removal of her knowing him also removed a part of her past. Seeing how much his secrecy harmed Felicia, Peter decided to unmask himself and trust her again with his secret identity, to which the two hugged as friends again.

Returning to Mary Jane's apartment, Peter updated her on his day with Felicia and Mary Jane calmed his worry as she wasn't jealous. Elsewhere, the mysterious bandaged entity was enraged that Peter shared his identity with Felicia again, blaming him for dragging her into his personal hell. But in a breath of promise, the entity swore that in the end, it would only be him and Peter.

Solicit Synopsis

• There’s been a major theft the likes of which we’ve never seen and for once, The Black Cat didn’t do it.

• But Spider-Man might need the help of his once-foe-once-friend-once-crime-boss Felicia Hardy, the Black Cat!


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