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Quote1.png It's about time someone points out how much good I've done for this city. Quote2.png
-- J. Jonah Jameson

Appearing in "Lifetime Achievement: Part One"

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Synopsis for "Lifetime Achievement: Part One"

J. Jonah Jameson in his radio show, is making efforts to improve Spider-Man's reputation, at least as much as he has made efforts to destroy it, when an important communication arrives: Mayor Wilson Fisk has decided to award him a Lifetime Achievement Award ... as long as Spider-Man gives it to him. Jonah guarantees on live television that the hero will do it, but Peter has no intention of it and when he goes to tell him just before the ceremony Jonah gets angry. At that point the two are attacked by the The Enforcers. Having to protect Jonah, Spidey cannot fight to the best of his ability, so the two are captured and find themselves faced with a group of supervillains all somehow related to Jameson, while a voice declares that this is the story of J. Jonah. Jameson.

Solicit Synopsis

• J. JONAH JAMESON has a new job as a shock jock, but is the world ready for a pro-Spider-Man JJJ?

• More importantly, is Spider-Man ready? His post-secret-identity relationship with Jonah was already complicated, but this very public embrace may put him over the edge!

• Spidey’s definitely not ready for the Enforcers to come at him harder than ever!

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