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Quote1 Oh God. It's a museum of Jonah. This is my worst nightmare. Quote2
Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

Appearing in "Lifetime Achievement: Part Two"

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Synopsis for "Lifetime Achievement: Part Two"

Guests at the Lifetime Achievement Awards are awaiting a tardy Jonah, so Fisk has them wait for a while longer. When asked why, Fisk can't lose the opportunity as Spider-Man won't risk his newfound public "alliance" with Jonah. If he gets a publicity shot with the two, it would further divide Spider-Man from the vigilantes who stand against him. Meanwhile, thinking they escaped their pursuers, Spider-Man and Jonah find themselves in what is arguably Spider-Man's worst nightmare: a museum dedicated to J. Jonah Jameson. A narrator chronicles Jonah's life from his abandonment by his father, to his abusive relatives, and his rising journalism career.

Elsewhere, the narrator is called by Arcade who affirms to his client that the LMDs and death traps are in place, allowing the narrator to "put on his suit" and join the fun. Spider-Man and Jonah then find themselves in his son John's nursery, but a happy scene turns tragic with Jonah having to relive his first wife's murder with the narration of Jonah being at work at the time. The Narrator continued that, being a single dad, Jonah's son grew up to be an astronaut, a proud day for Jonah which crashed with Spider-Man's intervention. Seeing a pattern, Spider-Man rightly deduces that the narrator believed Jonah's old "Menace" propaganda. The narrator reviews Jonah's creation of Scorpion, the original Spider-Slayers, and eventually Jonah's meeting with Marla, before tragic events again happened with the death of one of his best friends and his father.

Continuing, the narration goes from supporting Jonah's years of campaigning against Spider-Man to anger at his sudden support of the web-head. Closing out the narration, the speaker accuses Jonah of turning his back on his city and abandoning his mission, an unforgivable betrayal. After Jonah berates the speaker for "slander", the narrator sends in his forces to end them both, as Spider-Man notes to Jonah how events remind him of a character in a story. Spidey battles the real Scorpion and minions, but getting overwhelmed asks Jonah take control of the robot controller and the two defeat their enemies. But once Scorpion is defeated, the two find themselves facing a giant version of the Big Man.

Solicit Synopsis

• Turns out Spider-Man isn’t the only one getting attacked, as JJJ himself is in deep trouble. BUT WHO IS ATTACKING HIM?

• And what more will we learn about the mysterious bandaged figure circling Spider-Man?!


  • The cover originally solicited with this issue was subsequently used for issue 24.

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