Quote1.png I wish I could ask Aunt May. She'd know what to do. She always knows what to do. Quote2.png
-- Peter Parker

Appearing in "Family Matters: Part Two"

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Synopsis for "Family Matters: Part Two"

Spider-Man is forced to let Taskmaster and Black Ant kidnap Rhino who swears revenge, to seek his aunt and other customers, among the rubble of the restaurant. Aunt May is saved, but the homeless person she had helped is not so lucky. Before he dies the man turns out to be Ned Leeds. Later May decides to reopen the F.E.A.S.T. with the help of Randy Robertson, while Kraven has a force field built by Arcade.

Solicit Synopsis

• Aunt May is in danger and only Spider-Man can help her…

• …You think you know where a story like this is going, but you DON’T.

• Because Taskmaster and Black Ant are on the scene, and they don’t have a problem with collateral damage.


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