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Quote1.png Yes, sir, these Hunters are a breakthrough in direct-to-kill technology! Don't take it from me, though... how about we get a volunteer up here to demonstrate?! Quote2.png
-- Arcade

Appearing in "Hunted: Part 2"

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Synopsis for "Hunted: Part 2"

Arcade explains to the participants of the hunt how to control the hunter-robots from a distance, connecting them to a neural implant. It is even possible to customize its appearance and weapons, as in a videogame. One of the hunters kills Iguana. The preys discover that they are trapped in a force field which makes them easy targets. Spider-Man saves Gibbon, but he refuses to join him to go with the Vulture ... bad move since Toomes abandons him after using it as a shield to protect himself from hunters' bullets. Taskmaster after reminding Black Ant that ants are animals too, he hits him treacherously and leaves him with the other victims. Meanwhile, the mysterious face-covered being watches over Mary Jane...

Solicit Synopsis


• Kraven’s plan begins to unfold in CENTRAL PARK!

• He lets the prey loose and the hunt begins.

• But Kraven isn’t the hunter this time. Who has Spider-Man in their crosshairs?!

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