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Quote1.png Yes, sir, these Hunters are a breakthrough in direct-to-kill technology! Don't take it from me, though... how about we get a volunteer up here to demonstrate?! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Hunted: Part 2"

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Synopsis for "Hunted: Part 2"

From afar, a demonic voice narrates a quote from Thomas Hobbs that life is "nasty, brutish and short" as nobody knows if they are hunter or hunted. Amid the narration, Spider-Man web swings over Central Park as the animal themed criminals are hunted as prey by the hunters. Although flight able, Beetle soon finds she cannot escape the area, trapped in a force field over Central Park making everyone easy targets. But as they continue on, Spider-Man hears some of the hunters talking and realizes that Kraven is involved somehow, with having other people involve themselves in the hunt.

In a private suite for many wealthy patrons, Arcade explains to the participants of the hunt how to control the hunter-robots from a distance, and then connecting the participants to a neural implant. It is even possible to customize an individual hunterbot's appearance and respective weapons, similar to that of character customization in a video game. Bob from the safari returns as one of the hunters, and after getting linked by Arcade to a hunter bot, kills Iguana while venting out his own frustrations. The demonstration earning more volunteers contributing for the opportunity. Realizing the situation, Spider-Man works to help whomever while searching for the captive Felicia and Billy, but is also distracted by that vision of Mary Jane's possible death.

At her apartment, Mary Jane is dancing and singing during the storm as her coping mechanism. Remembering how in her youth she would go to clubs or parties, she finds content now with headphones and solitude in her apartment. Turning on her phone, she sees a news report on a force field over Central Park, with Captain Marvel giving a statement and the reporter suspecting a connection to Billy's public abduction- instinctively confirmed by Mary Jane, realizing how big a mess Peter is in. Later, the same demonic voice watches over Mary Jane as she sleeps. But as she didn't squish one of his tiny centipede minions, the demon takes a more protective stance over her, promising to Peter that he'll keep an eye on her while he is away.

While unable to save some, Spider-Man saves Gibbon (Martin Blank), but the he refuses to stay with him and goes with the Vulture, until Toomes abandons Gibbon after using him as a shield from hunter bullets. The demonic voice observes the carnage of the criminals getting hunted, Taskmaster stuns and abandons Black Ant after reminding him that ants are animals too. Taskmaster radios Arcade, but being sick with himself, exits the park to go for a drink.

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• Kraven’s plan begins to unfold in CENTRAL PARK!

• He lets the prey loose and the hunt begins.

• But Kraven isn’t the hunter this time. Who has Spider-Man in their crosshairs?!

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