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Quote1.png No one hates the Wall-Crawler more than I do, but he is not our enemy right now. We are in a war for our very survival, and there are only two sides -- the hunters and the hunted. Quote2.png
-- Vulture

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Synopsis for "Hunted: Part 3"

Kraven's clone wants him to join the hunt with his "father", but he says it's not the time yet. Following some signs Spider-Man discovers that the Vulture has put himself in charge of the prisoners, inventing the story that Gibbon heroically sacrificed himself to allow him to find a weak point in robots. Spidey tries to convince the prisoners that Toomes is not trustworthy but fails. Meanwhile, the Black Cat, manages to free himself by bringing Billy with her, Taskmaster catches Lizard, and Spider-Man runs into Black Ant.

Solicit Synopsis


• Something horrible happened last issue that’s galvanized all the villains!

• Spidey desperately needs to get out of this horrible situation, but there are lives (innocent and otherwise) at stake and…well…he’s Spider-Man.

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