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Quote1.png I used to be a good guy too, you know. Or at least I tried to be. Guess I was never really cut out for it. Even when I was an Avenger, I felt like an impostor. Maybe that's why me and Tasky hit it off so well in the first place. Finally I'd met somebody lower than me. 'cause no matter what I did -- it was like there was always this thing inside me pulling me back, out of the light. Quote2.png
Black Ant

Appearing in "Hunted: Part 4"

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Synopsis for "Hunted: Part 4"

Not wanting Spider-Man to repeat his mistakes and no longer be a good guy, Black Ant explains his fall from grace with the Secret Avengers. He explains that whatever Spider-Man thought the Hunt was, the truth was worse, as the hunt isn't just a trap for the villains, but the patrons as well. Meanwhile, Taskmaster brings Lizard to the holding cells, and returns the favor revealing that the effects of the toxin he ingested will fade on their own over time as he searches for Billy.

Outside, Black Cat tries to calm Billy down until both are attacked by one of the hunters, Bob. After a fight, Bob manages to hurt Felicia who shields Billy, but when he discovers Billy is just a child, he speaks to Billy empathetically. Bob decides to let them go, as the point was to hunt monsters and criminals, not children. While Kraven still rejects his son's request to join the hunt, so he decides to take action without his father's approval. When Lizard examines the cell Billy was in, he stumbles upon Kraven's son and cannot fight him because of the inhibitor chip blocking his predatory instinct. When Kraven's son decides to punish Lizard for an ignoble fight, which he sees as sacrilege, he aims at killing Billy in front of him.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man discovers the hunter-robots' weakness: the neural connection. If the robot is destroyed, then the pilot will die from neural shock. This fact is learned too late as Bob tried calling Arcade but died from Vulture and his new followers. Kraven made sure of this, to make sure that those he deems dishonorable will annihilate each other, and restore glory to the hunt. Enraged, Spider-Man demands Kraven's position from Black Ant who easily guides him to the obvious location: the Central Park Zoo. But, when Spider-Man calls out Kraven, he is attacked by the Vermin clone horde, made by Arcade who wanted to raise the stakes.

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• The big showdown begins. Spider-Man vs. Kraven. Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen.

• If this is like past Kraven stories, you know it’s not going to go how you THINK it’s going to go.

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