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Quote1 Please, Doc, you have to wake up. Not just for me. For Billy. Yes! There you are! -- get up! Your son needs you! Quote2

Appearing in "Hunted: Part 5"

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Synopsis for "Hunted: Part 5"

Spider-Man fights as best he can but the Vermin are too many, and he is overwhelmed and then rescued and taken away by Kraven. Meanwhile, the Army of the Vulture manages to obtain good results against the hunters, but also suffers many losses. Spidey wakes up in a cage wearing a new costume (the other had been damaged in the clone fight) next to Curt Connors and in front of a screen showing what Billy and the Black Cat are doing. Billy reveals to the cat that he has vague memories of Lizard who kills him, which he also understood. Felicia is shocked to learn it but at that moment the two are attacked by Kraven's clone. Spider-Man is determined to run to their rescue, but he is chained and the only way is to tear Curt's inhibitor chip so that he can turn into Lizard to fight. Taking out the chip would break Curt's backbone, but thanks to his regenerative powers, he could survive. Spider-Man is eventually forced to snatch the chip from Curt, who turns into the Lizard and heals.

Solicit Synopsis

• What’s left of the animal villains are united under The Vulture!

• While that animal army are going up against the Hunter-Bots, Spidey is too tied up with Kraven to do anything.

• Things have spiraled far out of Spider-Man’s control as the most harrowing story of 2019 races to its conclusion!

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