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Quote1.png You were forged in fire, born in blood. My spirit made flesh. More than my child -- you are me, and I am you. One and the same now. Quote2.png
-- Sergei Kravinoff

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Synopsis for "Hunted: Epilogue"

The force field is broken and the kidnapped criminals pour out onto the streets; fortunately the Avengers, the Fantastic Four and many other heroes intervene to stop them, so Spider-Man can run to the rescue of MJ. Arcade and the robot pilots are arrested, and the Vulture puts itself in charge of a new group: the Savage Six.

Some criminals capture Black Ant and try to take revenge on him, but Taskamaster who regretted having betrayed him, comes to his rescue and takes him away, while Felicia brings Billy home. Arriving at MJ's house, Peter finds a broken window and traces of blood on the floor... but fortunately the girl had simply stumbled going to hit the window, and has only a slight wound in the arm.

Kraven's clone is desperate for killing the real Kraven, but then finds a litter in which the "father" urges him to take his name. Meanwhile the Chameleon grateful to his half-brother for not having involved him as a prey in the hunt, swears on his grave that he will no longer allow his rest to be disturbed and that he will destroy the world.

Solicit Synopsis

“HUNTED” now runs through AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #23!

• The fallout from “HUNTED” is felt and much of Peter’s life is called into question.

• What is left of Spider-Man after living through the harrowing hunt?!

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