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Appearing in "One-on-One"

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Races and Species:

  • Humans (Main story and recap)
  • Androids (Only in recap)
  • Ants (Mentioned)
  • Centipedes (Main story and recap)
  • Demons (Main story and recap)
  • Rats




Synopsis for "One-on-One"

In his Spider-Man outfit, Peter takes MJ on a date in The Vessel after hours, in part to wow her and also to take his mind off Kraven's Hunt. Although she is concerned about him, Peter takes Mary Jane home after park security finds them. Meanwhile, a Ravencroft Institute doctor interviews Quentin Beck, the criminal Mysterio. While Beck wanted to ramble on about his greatness with illusions, the doctor wanted to discuss about the time he died and his memories of Hell. As Beck tries to change the topic, the doctor reminds him that his court release requires he complete the sessions. Recounting his "final days" with the Sinister Six, the terminal cancer, and his last fight being against Daredevil due to Spider-Man's unavailability. Taking his life instead of letting Daredevil take him in, and failing to dodge the severity of what he experienced. Cited the previous therapist's notes, The doctor asks Beck to elaborate on a name he muttered after his trial, causing Beck to belligerently refuse the subject.

The doctor brings up the courtroom where Beck claimed to see Kindred with his outburst, and the doctor postulates that Beck never truly died but faked his death. With that likely false death and the delusions of being in Hell, Beck played Jameson thinking he was in Hell and tricked Daredevil into thinking a baby was the Anti-Christ, all likely signs to a fixation on Hell as a mixture of a coping mechanism for his cancer diagnosis and depression at the failings of unrealized dreams- that deep down, Beck thought he deserved to suffer. ​Later that night at Mary Jane's apartment, Peter can't sleep as his mind can't shake some unknown itch on his mind. The doctor thinks that in order for Beck to face the truth of what happened to him, he must say the name of the demon that tortured him. At Mary Jane's apartment, Peter realizes there was also another face within the visions as he tosses in panicked dreaming.

As the doctor pushed the subject, Beck's repeated refusal is then met with the room breaking apart, to which the doctor knowingly excuses himself despite seeing the same thing. With the dark voice dreadfully singing Ring Around the Rosies, it appears before Beck but wants to apologize for all the chaos of what happened to him making him question his sanity. So the demon confirms Beck was in Hell, that Beck DOES serve him, and allows him only to whisper his name. Once Beck does, the demon restates that he has to apologize for the "mess" that Beck made, and brutally murders him with a smile while saying he's sorry. In the silence, the demon turns to address Peter, hoping he watched paralyzed and afraid at watching a man die, feeling responsible. Not wanting spoilers, the demon wants Peter to guess his name, and face the truth of what Peter did to him. As Peter awakens in cold sweat, Mary Jane tries to calm him and he tells her about the vision with her death, and he recognized the monster from it in his dream witnessing Mysterio's murder. The demon in the dream-vision gave himself an alias for Peter to identify him: "Kindred".

Appearing in "Everyone Is a Target: Part 4"

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Synopsis for "Everyone Is a Target: Part 4"

Spider-Man sits on a roof, eating pizza and watching in fascination as a flock of pigeons soar in a strange spiral formation. As he munches a slice and decides to go back to work when he's finished, he notices a pigeon land nearby and stare ominously at him. Peter offers the bird his crust, and it nearly takes his hand off snatching it away. As Spider-Man yells at the bird, it transforms into a red-and-black monster and devours the crust -- leaving him horrified and speechless.

Solicit Synopsis

All leading up to Nick Spencer’s Landmark 25th issue!

• One issue away from Vol 1 25 and the chickens are coming home to roost.

• Who is the mysterious bandaged figure who seems to be in every shadow and what does he want with Spider-Man?

• This issue won’t answer ALL your questions, but it will answer some that will drop your jaw.


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