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Quote1 Tsk tsk tsk. Ladies, come on -- how do you not see this? Beetle here's sold you all out. Quote2

Appearing in "Who Run the World?: Part Three"

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Synopsis for "Who Run the World?: Part Three"

Randy is shocked to learn that Janice has kidnapped Fred, mostly in the place where he works, so Beetle leaves. Spider-Man manages to locate the Syndicate 's lair thanks to a Spider-Tracer, but Kingpin and his men arrive before him. Boomerang reveals to the rest of the Syndicate that Beetle has betrayed them and reveals information that makes Janice convince her accomplices to let him go. Eventually Spidey and the Syndicate make Fred escape Kingpin, and in the end Boomerang agrees to tell Spider-Man why Kingpin is upset with him.

Meanwhile Janice makes peace with Randy, by repairing the damage to the F.E.A.S.T. and having the permits obtained at the center so that it opens immediately.

Solicit Synopsis

• RULE OF THUMB: Don’t tick off Wilson Fisk, A.K.A. Mayor of NYC, A.K.A. FORMER (“Former”?) Kingpin of Crime.

• Sadly, Fred Myers (A.K.A. Boomerang) was never good with rules.

• Spider-Man is caught in the middle of this mess – and that thing that must also come with great power won’t let him just walk away.

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