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Quote1 You're not getting those kids, Norman. Not as long as I'm still here. Quote2
-- Spider-Man

Appearing in "Absolute Carnage: Part One"

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Synopsis for "Absolute Carnage: Part One"

Two weeks ago Kindred visits Ravencroft, killing Dr. Winhorst, who has been brainwashed and believes he's Mysterio, before making small talk with Norman Osborn. Meanwhile in the present, Spider-Man is helping Normie Osborn and Dylan Brock escape Rex Strickland's Warehouse in Manhattan. They are pursued by an iteration of Carnage that is in fact Norman Osborn, yet thinks he’s Cletus Kasady. Spider-Man is distracted by his past battle with the Red Goblin, as well as Harry Osborn's welcome home party after getting out of rehab, allowing Carnage to gain the upper hand.

Solicit Synopsis


• Spider-Man has been a huge part of ABSOLUTE CARNAGE, but this is when his part gets REALLY crazy…

• Only Spider-Man stands between Carnage at his scariest ever and young Dylan Brock.

• There is so much more to it, but WE DO NOT WANT TO SPOIL IT!


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