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  • Kel (First appearance)
  • Derrick (First appearance)
  • Jamie (First appearance)
  • Teresa Parker (Main story and recap)


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Synopsis for "Running Late"

As Parker pondered on Mary-Jane's absence for her career and his enemies being more active, his project teammates Kel and Derrick tried to keep his focus. Once Parker met Jaime, his final teammate for the group project, he is stunned to seem him still using an operable WebWare device. After a friendly introduction, an alarm sounded as everyone evacuated, only for Teresa to appear having caused the alarm and explain her need for "Spider-Man" for a mission to track down Chameleon. Both Parker siblings found Chameleon selling the Infinity Formula to the mercenary "Rafael Sabitini", The Foreigner. In the ensuing fight, Sabitini reveals his allegiance to Silver Sable, who arrives to aid him while trying to convince Spider-Man to stand down.

Solicit Synopsis


• As seen in ASM #25, Miguel O’Hara is back in the present and NEEDS to get to Peter Parker.

• But as he’s currently being held in an off-the-books ROXXON prison, this is easier said than done.

• And J. JONAH JAMESON has a new scheme which means one thing-- TROUBLE FOR SPIDER-MAN!


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