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Quote1.png So, wait -- you're saying you have a device that can predict outcomes, but you don't know what to do about Doom and his demands? Quote2.png
Teresa Parker

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Synopsis for "Doom's Day"

Avengers and Fantastic Four are out of town, so it's up to the street heroes to stop the Doombots that Doom has unleashed around the city to avenge the attempt on his life. Countess Karkov gives Teresa the coordinates on the position of the Chameleon and she and Spider-Man capture him, but the person responsible for the attack on Doom is now gone. The clairvoyant activates and Peter, talking to Lyla, looks for a way to appease Doom.

Solicit Synopsis

• Spider-Man. Doctor Doom. ‘Nuff said?

• NO WAY! The Chameleon has insane plans that have put all of NYC (and the very future of the universe!) in danger, and only Spider-Man can save the day.

• All he has to do is convince Doctor Doom to help him. Uh-oh.Marvel Manner, but what villain is so heinous that Doom and Spidey are on the same side?!

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