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Quote1 What if I just... tell him the truth? Quote2

Appearing in "Time After Time"

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Synopsis for "Time After Time"

After evaluating the various possibilities with the help of Lyla and the Clairvoyant, Spider-Man finds the best solution to stop Doom: tell him the truth after getting beaten up. Doom eventually believes him, but as they leave town, his Doombots do billions of damage by destroying art and infrastructure. This is the work of Countess Karkov who boasts of it with Silver Sable: by destroying the Doombot she managed to take control of the others, knowing that Doom would never admit that anyone could acquire control of his weapons, and that now the international community will support Symkaria in the conflict, thanks to which, she will return to power.

Solicit Synopsis

• New York City is covered in Doombots and things are looking bleak for Spider-Man.

• What does all of this have to do with Silver Sable?

• And can she help Spider-Man save the city and the future?


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