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J. Jonah Jameson

Appearing in "Breaking News: Part One"

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Synopsis for "Breaking News: Part One"

Jonah reaches his new workplace and discovers that Spider-Man has just robbed a bank. Norah would like him to write us about an article, but sure Peter had a good reason to rob the bank, Jonah joins him to find out the truth. Meanwhile, the Foreigner goes to visit the new casino opened by Chanche and decides to bet precisely on what Spider-Man is doing.

The Casino of Chance.

Jonah rescues Peter, from some drones commanded by Chance to make things more interesting, and he tells him he's recovering S.H.I.E.L.D. technologies and Jonah, posts everything online, while the Foreigner loses the bet.

Solicit Synopsis

• J. Jonah Jameson kicks off his new life as a podcast host and his first guest? SPIDER-MAN!

• JJJ and Spidey have been on pretty good terms for a while now, so it seems fitting that JJJ. needs to sabotage it and put the entire city in danger, right?

• Don’t miss “My Podcast with Jonah”!


Spider-Man says that Pluto is trying to recover from the scam hatched against them by the Black Cat. This happened in Black Cat Annual 1.

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