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Appearing in "Breaking News: Part Three"

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Synopsis for "Breaking News: Part Three"

During the clash between Chance and Spider-Man the Foreigner sends the Jack O'Lanterns to the aid of the first and thanks to them the mercenary steals one of Spider-Man web-shooters. Given that there are no innocent in danger, Spidey decides to finish his podcast with J. Jonah Jameson and do not chase the enemies, and it's a success. As a result of the lost bet, Chance is forced to become partners with the Foreigner, while Jaime uses the Clairvoyant to win bets at the casino. Norah Winters offers a work in Peter on order of the Chameleon.

Solicit Synopsis

• J. Jonah Jameson’s new gig has proven to be nothing but trouble for Spidey.

• As you are well aware, JJJ doesn’t take “no” for an answer, so even if Spidey is knee-deep in a world-saving situation, JJJ will always be there to “help” him.

• But while Spidey is dealing with JJJ and Chance, something is brewing with Kindred and it can’t bode well for Peter.


  • This issue's credit section misattributes its main cover to Patrick Gleason and Marte Gracia.
  • This issue and the previous were adapted by Marvel into a podcast presented from an in-universe perspective as an actual episode of Jameson's show. Editor Nick Lowe voices Spider-Man.[1]

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