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Quote1.png Can I just say how nice it's been lately? Just you and me, just the two of us-- nobody else around to get in the way. Because I have so much I want to show you, Pete. There's so much for us to talk about. And sure, I'm hopeful-- excited, even-- about us meeting face-to-face. But for now, let's just enjoy this. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Beware The Rising"

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Synopsis for "Beware The Rising"

Spider-Man dreams of being in a car with Overdrive and of how he tells him that after killing his accomplices who had killed policemen in turn, a mysterious individual is hunting him. Peter dreams of waking up, leaving MJ a message in the secretary and being killed by Kindred.

Solicit Synopsis

• Kindred has big plans with the Sin-Eater, and none of it looks good for Spider-Man.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN is going to explode this summer, and this is where we light the fuse.

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