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Quote1.png The Sin-Eater is back. And wherever he goes -- death follows. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Sins Rising: Part One"

Attending a play of Hamlet, Peter slept during most of it due to sleeplessness. His attendance was part of his pre-planned date for Mary Jane's return from filming, but she did not arrive for due to a change of plans. So Peter went about his planned date alone along the arranged path of the night through a park festival, sulking in his solitude until the arrival of Overdrive pursued by police. After Peter saved bystanders from a collision, he dressed as Spider-Man to intercept Overdrive- uncharacteristically relieved to see the wall-crawler. The panicked fugitive explained Sin-Eater returned and was chasing him, which Spider-Man witnessed the villain shoot the car to force the pair in a closed construction site to seek cover. Inside, Spider-Man hid Overdrive as he engaged his returned foe, but was stunned by Sin-Eater feigning trepidation.

In an attempt to stall for time, Spider-Man spoke of failing Stanley Carter, only for the villain to state that he thanks Spider-Man, as his time in Hell gave him clarity of purpose. As Spider-Man fought the madman, he informed the hero of Overdrive's participation in the police killings and he would continue to run for his sin: cowardice. As Sin-Eater fired his rifle, the shot harmlessly phased through Spider-Man to pierce Overdrive's chest as he ran. Sin-Eater elaborated that he cleansed Overdrive of his sin of cowardice, and took it as his own. While Spider-Man readied to capture Sin-Eater, the villain stated he would take his leave as the one who revived him had plans for Spider-Man, but they would meet again in due time. Being alone, Spider-Man departed so that the NYPD would take over the scene, and deliver Overdrive's body to the morgue.

After Overdrive's body was moved to the coroner's office, Carlie Cooper identified him as James Beverly and began the autopsy. However, she found no fatal wound present on him, despite seeing it earlier, and Beverly surprisingly revived on her slab.

Solicit Synopsis


• SIN-EATER is back and New York City is in TROUBLE.

• Who will the shotgun-toting villain target, and can Spider-Man stand a chance against him?


  • The reason why Mary Jane didn't show up was because in Amazing Mary Jane #6 she had been targeted by a hitman, and was forced to flee.
  • Due to the cancelation of the Amazing Mary Jane book and continuing with the Sins Rising and Last Remains stories, issue 6 of her book is no longer canon and the subsequent planned story was axed to keep the continuity easier.
  • The new reason for Mary Jane missing her date was from a schedule conflict.

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